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The VERY Rainboots

Do you believe in coincidence? I kinda wonder myself. So the other day, when I was walking to the store, and I saw a girl walk by with these awesome rainboots, I thought, WOW! Those are CUTE! In fact, I realized I NEEDED a pair of rainboots myself. NO, really, I did. Every time it rains, right at my steps is a flowing river. The water rushes right there about six inches deep at least, and there’s NO WAY to get by it without stepping right IN it! I’ve ruined shoes that way. So I REALLY needed the golashes…rainboots. Really, I did.

That’s why I wandered over to the shoe aisle, just to see. And what to my surprise did I spy, but the VERY rainboots that girl was wearing! And not only that, but a large sign above them said, CLEARANCE! But the best part was that it said, 70% OFF! My first thought was, SOLD! So I looked around, but there were only TWO PAIR LEFT! I looked at one pair, and the size was one size larger than mine. BOFF! I looked at the OTHER pair, and whaddaya know? A perfect match! I bought them, and it rained the next day! In fact, today I walked through many mini rivers as I changed from one bus route to another, having to go through a number of blocks through the rain, while the accumulating water rushed to the drains. Splash! Splash! I mushed in my new rainboots! My backpack got drenched, but my boots kept me dry. It was quite fun.

When I reached my destination, my son took one look at me and said, “Wow! Those rainboots are…VERY!” I wasn’t sure I had heard him right, so I asked, “They’re WHAT?” He said, “They’re VERY!” I thought a second and said, “You know, they ARE!” And what’s so cool is that they seem to move not just with my walking, but WITHIN THE PATTERN OF LINES ITSELF! Number 5 is ALIVE!

Meanwhile, back at the place… So why all this preparation? Well, it was a birthday bash today, and I was the cook. I made Panko, a fav Japanese fried meal. I don’t make it often. Years pass and I don’t make it. But it’s fun to do because you fry veggies as well as meats or fish in a special way and then you dab them with soy sauce. YUM! So I did fish and shrimp and veggies. It’s quite tasty, and my kid most liked the carrots, he said, believe it or not. And they WERE superb that way. But I’d say he loved it all, since he had four plates full! I could only go about one myself. He was wise to stash it away, since it is a once in a rare long time that I ever do this. It’s messy to make, but definitely a cooperative effort…and he learned how to make a new dish. We did assembly line style preparations. I’m trying to teach him a few things about cooking. It’s like dragging a horse, because he told me he hates to cook. I sympathized and them bid him give me a hand. We had a good time anyway. As I explained, if he’s ever stuck having to cook something himself, he’ll know a few things to do besides Tuna noddle casserole. Not that he’ll remember….

Then it was time for the little cake I had brought. SO many candles on such a little cake! When he blew them all out, SMOKE FILLED THE ROOM, and I was afraid it would set off the smoke detector. So we opened the doors. That was kinda funny. He’s really not that old….

So as I was sloshing my way home, I happened to notice my reflection in a doorway. It was perfect for a camera shot to show off my new “VERY” rainboots. I’ve posted a few photos. Hope you get a chuckle out of them.

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