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Ambassador Chris Stevens

This is a sad day. The murder of Americans in Libya breaks my heart. An American Ambassador is almost always an outstanding person, chosen because they earned it, because they are good human beings, because they care about people. The most ridiculous thing a terrorist could do is to take out the very people who care about your people and your country. It’s a no brainer. Acts of terrorism do not enhance anyone’s cause. You sadden not only your own people, but those trying to help your people as well. And you dangerously burden your soul.

It’s discouraging when we see people killed senselessly. America, for all her problems, is still the best country in the whole world. America respects individual freedom, and the human dignity given to all mankind by God. We can still decide where we want to live and how we want to dress…up to a point, of course…and who we want to marry. Like most countries, we have our problem elements. But we also have some of the most kind and caring and generous people in the world too. And I know that we have living saints in this country, people who are just plain good and pious. We saw this in the 9/11 disaster when so many people rose up to help others, even when they knew they would die in the effort. This is courage and love, and it moved the entire nation like nothing else could. Scripture tell us, “No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for his friend.” It is unthinkable, but Americans have frequently given their lives to help complete strangers.

So when one of these heroes dies trying to help the people of another country, we are immensely saddened. Please understand that our Ambassadors are good people who care. They are not trying to destroy you.

I just had to write something today in memory of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other Americans who perished by the violence of those they were there to help. May God have mercy on their souls and give them eternal life and happiness in Paradise. They have earned the crown of martyrdom, not through their own senseless efforts to kill others, but in being killed for their beliefs in freedom and loving kindness. It is love that undergirds all the Commandments of God. Not suggestions. Commandments.

In Medjugorje, Our Lady warned that if mankind is not careful, it is possible that the entire world will be destroyed, by mankind itself, and that not one person will be left alive on the planet. She said that Satan wanted to destroy all mankind, as well as the whole planet itself. I wonder if this is what happened on Mars….

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