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On Suicide and God's Great Love

Today I became aware of some statistics (which I will give at the end of this entry) that really shocked and surprised me, and I had to add something on it. It has to do with suicide and a personal sense of sin or failure or guilt. NO ONE SHOULD EVER COMMIT SUICIDE BECAUSE THEY FEEL GUILTY! God is a God of love and forgiveness! This has been so dramatically demonstrated in the birth, life and redemptive death of Jesus Christ! Not only that, but saints throughout time have sacrificed for “sinners”, that they may return to the warm embrace of our Loving Creator. So there is no need to lose hope, despair, or kill yourself. Life changes. Wherever you are mentally and emotionally will change. You will see things from a different perspective in a while. And when you’re older, you will have a much better and more mellow view than you did when you were younger and full of hormones raging through your system saying, “Go! Go! Go! Do it! Do it! Do it!” No, the truth about God and about life is that He does not wish the loss of any soul, and that is why Jesus died for us.

In the life of Padre Pio, to pick up the previous thread on this subject, there were many visits from Jesus. And the Padre experienced what he called “fiery darts [of love]” from God. He was filled with an ecstatic and holy love when God blessed him with one of these “fiery darts”. He said more than once that if it had lasted a second longer, he would have died from it, so intense was the experience. And what was the Padre’s main mission? It seemed to be as a confessor and heavenly guidance counselor. He reminded souls of sins they “forgot” to confess, brought them to repentance (that they might be saved), and then gave them absolution, God’s forgiveness. This then frees the soul to move on with their lives, healed of guilt and on a better path. The whole point was to save souls. He said that he burned with love for souls. This was representative of God’s own love for souls, and had been supernaturally instilled into his heart by those fiery darts of love. Of course it was all a supernatural thing, but it demonstrates to us God’s great love for “sinners”. So if you happen to be feeling guilty, go to Confession (Jesus to his Apostles, “Whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven them….”). I always tell Protestants that they can go too if they are interested. Just tell the priest that you’re Protestant, but you want forgiveness. I’m sure you will receive it. You will leave the church feeling a great peace. Padre Pio said it was Jesus who informed him during a person’s confession. This was why he knew every sin anyone had ever committed, which ones they had confessed and which ones they had not confessed. This is the power of confession, even if the priest does not have Pio’s special vision of Jesus. The priest still retains the power to absolve sins.

I had to say this, because I just saw the statistics that about 1/5 of the women who have abortions, commit suicide! This is TERRIBLE! God will forgive you if you ask. The fact that you feel bad about it is indicative of repentance! This is what is required for forgiveness! Don’t ever allow Satan to push you to suicide, because suicide is a temptation of the devil. If you are suffering from something, know that your suffering serves some purpose which we cannot understand right now. No suffering is without some worth, either for ourselves or for someone else. Life is filled with purpose, but that purpose may not be within our view (or anyone else’s – don’t let someone else tell you what you are or try to add to your sorrows and trials) at the moment. Here at the end of 2010, the statistics say that 1.3 million women had abortions this year. Of that number, over 220,000 committed suicide! DON’T COMMIT SUICIDE IF YOU’VE HAD AN ABORTION! THERE IS FORGIVENESS AND PEACE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT FORGIVENESS!!!! Life is not a bed of roses for ANYone. But all of the trials of this life have a purpose. So if you failed in one of those trials, humble yourself greatly before God, and pour out your heart with tears and trembling. God’s great compassion and mercy will surely envelope you! Then WRITE A LETTER TO THE CHILD YOU ABORTED! Or you can speak to that child if you’d like. Give the child a name. Then tell the child you’re sorry, that you love him or her. This greatly affects how you feel about the entire thing. Many women have been healed of their feelings of guilt by doing this. But do NOT take your own life! That is not a healing act. And it bears its own penalty on the other side. So you do not advance your cause by doing so. God is offended by suicide, which is a selfish act. It takes courage to go on living after such a traumatic event. There are many potential traumas in life, but we must be strong and weather them, and in the process, we find they change us in some fundamental way. Padre Pio said to a spiritual child who was suffering a great deal emotionally, “You must no longer have a womanly heart; you must have a virile heart.” He frequently exhorted women who suffered to have courage and to persevere, that they would have glory in heaven for their suffering, that it was working something of which they were unaware. Suicide is a cowardly act. It takes much more courage to live. And that is a warrior’s duty. And you can do it! Many other women have done it, are doing it, and will continue to do it! You are not alone. Not only are you among other women who have been wounded this way, you are also accompanied by your good Guardian Angel who never leaves your side. When you feel despair, you may ask his help, and you’re sure to experience some benefit. Also, Jesus promised that He would be with us “to the end of the age”. So we are never alone. But we must make our best effort and continue to continue, holding God by the hand. Don’t give up! Lache pas la patate! Life on earth is already short enough compared to eternity. Don’t miss the opportunity to become a great saint. As St. Faustina said, “It’s never too late to become a great saint…”…all the way to the point of death! Never give up! Never! Besides, we need you. If you are still alive, it means that God has something else for you to do….

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