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The "Spirit" of a Thing

As we are approaching Halloween, and children are thinking of spooky spirits, I thought it might be fun to point out some awesome spirits to put in your pocket before you venture out on All Hallow’s Eve.

Since the time of Christ, there have been many amazing wonders worked in His name. In this blog, over time, I’ve mentioned some of them. Recently, I came across another one, one of whom I’d never heard. His name is Father Paul of Moll, and the title of the book is “Father Paul of Moll 1824-1896; Benedictine Wonder-Worker”. It’s by Edward van Speybrouck.

Though I haven’t finished the book yet, it is a renewed source of inspiration, which I felt I needed at this point. Fr. Paul wrote often of the great love of God, and one must ponder some of his statements to that effect, such as,

“God is astonishing in His love. The more we love Him, the more He loves us. He pays us back in tenfold love, the love which we have for him.”

He pays us back TENFOLD in our love for Him. That’s amazing. In fact, there seems to be no end to the love God has for us, and since He is a being superior to us we can go on seeking, exploring and discovering more and more love of God, never to reach the end of it.

The writings of Fr. Paul remind me of an instance in the life of St. Francis, when he was seen emerging from the woods crying out, “Oh LOVE IS NOT LOVED! LOVE IS NOT LOVED!” He was speaking of the love of God.

Therefore, it is love that underlies all the Commandments. You can review them and see that this is so. One saint remarked that we are much closer to one another than we imagine. He meant, in spirit. You can often feel the emotions of others, which is what makes being around the little ones so joyful. In them there is no evil at all. It seems to be true that they so often embody the pure love and joy of heaven. In one apparition, Our Lady said that if you pray, it is possible to begin experiencing heaven on earth. You can certainly begin to experience peace and joy within yourself with prayer.

There are more things in the world of the spirit than we totally understand. I am often reminded of the bombing of Nagasaki, I think it was. There was only one place that remained intact within the bomb site, and that single house remained standing. The people inside that house were untouched by the blast, and never developed cancer like the other people did who survived the blast. Who was in that house? They were Catholic priests, and they said they had kept the messages of Fatima by praying the rosary every day, as Our Lady asked. It was so astounding that scientists even studied them to figure out how they did it. Of course, they didn’t actually DO it. Their prayers were heard by God, and they were protected by God.

As I said, there’s more to the world than what we see. Though love may not be a visible quality, God IS love, and to become Christ-like, we must aim to be that presence of His love in the world. Maybe if we can’t do anything else, we can at least pray, not just for ourselves, but for others, and that’s a great place to start.

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