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About the Cross

I was thinking these days about the Cross Our Lord carried and meditating on his journey up to Calvary. I wondered what it must have felt like. Probably it was the greatest betrayal, beginning with St. Pete, “I DO NOT KNOW THE MAN!” Three times. So when Jesus was resurrected, He asked St. Pete, “Peter, do you love me?” Three times. And when Peter said, “Yes, Lord, you know I love you!”, Jesus replied each time, “FEED MY SHEEP!”

So I was thinking about the ways we also say no to Our Lord. I was making crocheted crosses and small one decade rosaries as I pondered this. We all carry a cross at some time in our lives. Maybe we experience the death of a loved one, one of the hardest little crosses to carry. Or maybe we suffer some other kind of huge loss, like those losing houses to fire in California right now. You lose absolutely everything with precious few seconds to escape. It’s a shock and a trauma. There are many other traumas that we all experience, like soldiers returning with PTSD and working hard to overcome it. But trauma isn’t always easily overcome, especially if it has been repeated over a long period of time, such as soldiers experience in war. Fortunately, psychology and psychiatrists have made some advancement in treating these things. Trauma is not easily overcome, depending upon the severity of the trauma and the time period in which one suffered it. Sometimes we carry the cross of a loved one’s addiction to alcohol or drugs. They may not realize they are saying no to the Lord, but perhaps their sorrows were so great, they sought solace in these things.

So we all know what it is to carry a cross, some of us more than others, eh? Which brings me to a thought that occurred to me as I was crocheting. We all know the great mercy of God. He will always take us back, and we have to keep that in mind, but those who keep the Commandments are closer to God, those who love God more are closer to God than the rest. We can always alter our course so that we draw closer, as long as we have life. I wanted to preface my thoughts with those ideas. So as I was crocheting, I realized that in the case of a woman or girl in trouble, who is pregnant and seeks an abortion, what we are saying is, “We reject this cross, and we say no to Our Lord. Instead, we’re going to demand that this tiny, vulnerable baby carry this huge cross FOR us.” I was shocked at this thought when I realized it’s the exact truth. That tiny baby, who is still so vulnerable that the mere touch of a finger to it’s body hurts because it has not yet developed the outer skin it will have at birth. That tiny baby who loves us so much already, and who is waiting eagerly to meet us. That tiny baby who is just beginning to learn language, who knows the sound of our voices. We want that little one to carry a huge and horrible cross, more horrible than the cross on which Our Lord died. They are martyrs.

If you wonder where the aborted babies go, they go to be cared for by the Mother of Our Lord. This is some consolation, because all of the visionaries who have seen and spoken to her say that she is so loving and kind and beautiful.

What all of this tells us is the serious task we now have to put an end to this horrible practice in our country, so that no more will we see millions of our little babies called to suffer in this way.

There is another thing we can all do, and it’s a wonderful step. You can name the child you aborted, and you can write a letter to that child. You can befriend the child you aborted and pray for that child. You can remember that child in special ways, and you can begin to work for an end to abortion in that child’s name.

Maybe I’m just being too emotional about it, but these babies love us so much that they accepted us as parents. And I also believe that when we repent of the abortion and speak to them, they are so happy to hear from us.

As I’ve said, those sweet little ones suffer in that terrible practice of what amounts to being drawn and quartered. Many don’t realize the total savagery of it.

One abortionist on the internet was saying the babies she aborted couldn’t be heard. She saw to that. However, they DO scream a wide and horrible scream, which is heard by God. If we do something about our mistake on abortion, we can turn everything around. It’s not too late. No one should EVER give up hope. St. Faustina said that “It’s always possible to become a great saint, even in the last moment before death.” So there’s no reason to despair. We can repair! Halleluia!

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