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STALKER ALERT! The Defective Detective

This is just a short declaration because of something I overheard today. I’ve been having problems with some of the local stores, because they have been told I’m robbing them or some such thing. That isn’t true at all. Quite the reverse, though I don’t know if store management realizes what’s really going on or not.

In some stores, at different times, some clerks will switch out what I am buying with the same product, which has been vandalized with something let’s just call unsavory. They ALWAYS do it with the water, if they can get away with it. The end result is that I never have any clean water. A few months back, I had to go to the emergency room because I was severely dehydrated. I had to have an IV. However, the clerks who love to vandalize think this is funny. I’m still paying on that exorbitant hospital bill. So I have come up with a kind of solution that is an honest way to deal with it. I won’t reveal exactly what I do, but I am NEVER stealing one single thing! If I reveal what I do, they will block that also. The stores are NEVER cheated in any way.

So today, I overheard a guy on the phone essentially telling someone that I was stealing from the store. I was in Walmart. I was not stealing from Walmart, and I have never stolen from Walmart or any other store. I had bought some things at HEB, but they didn’t have something else I wanted that Walmart had, so I went by Walmart on my way home. I picked up two cans, went to the registers, paid for them as I always do, and went home. But what I had heard the guy saying indicated that I was not only stealing from this store, but from “all of them”. Where in Hades he came up with that idea, I have NO idea!

Earlier I went to Target (and I want to say I’m treated fairly well in that store by the staff these days). I weighed whether or not to buy some cream. I checked them out beforehand because sometimes the store in that location has some vandalism problems. One in particular smelled strongly of insecticide, so I put it back. I picked up another one and took a teency dot to check it out. I was uncertain, but put it in my basket, only to change my mind as I walked around, so I left it on a shelf. I decided to wait for another day to deal with that issue. After I paid for the things I had put in the basket, I went to the deli and sat down to write some ideas I’d had while wandering around in the store. Those ideas are reflected in the previous post. I had purchased a Starbucks coffee since the deli wasn’t open yet, and I drank it while I was writing and reading some prayers. It was a peaceful half hour or so. Then I left the store. Apparently, the man who was watching only intermittently or not at all, saw me in the deli with the coffee. I still have the receipt for it. I often pick up things in a store and change my mind before I get to the register, or even at the register, because of my budget or because I realize the item has been tampered with. Some stores have a serious tampering problem, but I don’t vandalize anything at all, and I don’t appreciate being the victim of it. Even more so, I hate being the victim of someone who is either lying or lazy on the job, or can’t tell what’s really going on, but decides to give his opinion anyway. That person should get out of the “spying” business. Not a very good detective. Some might say defective.

So in this way, they have attempted to run me out of every store in town. I have never cheated any store in town. However, I can say that there have been stores in town whose clerks have vandalized my purchases as I was walking around with them in the basket, or while I was checking out.. I was singled out for harassment. By the time I arrived home, I’d find that almost everything had been ruined. This still does occur. In this way, I have been cheated out of all the money I had, which wasn’t enough to begin with. This is a practice of defrauding customers you’ve been told to target. They think it’s funny. Whether or not management is in on the game, I don’t know.

In Walmart today, the large black guy who was “informing” on his phone began describing me to the person on the other end of the line. “She’s one of those older white women….” Was he speaking to the manager or someone who believed themselves to be in charge of what I do and do not do? If so, they are being misinformed by a defective detective who can’t even find me in the store half the time, and can’t make heads or tails of what is really going on. So why was he following me around in the first place? Who in Hades does he think he is? I could easily slap an injunction on him and I could also have him arrested for stalking and find out who sent him and to whom he was reporting. Stalking is against the law.

According to this lazy defective, a woman should NOT check out the hand cream before buying. A woman taking her time to look at something MUST be doing SOMEthing wrong! I could have caused this guy some serious trouble if I had chosen to do so, but I’m not that up tight. I choose instead to expose the problem and fire a warning shot across the bow. The next step will be a legal one. I’m tired of fanatics bearing false witness and having a great time smearing my name!

This guy is LUCKY I wasn’t checking out PERFUME! In better stores, you can sample the perfume, and take your good sweet time doing so! I’ve been known to spend an hour before deciding on a very nice perfume. A WOMAN DOES NOT LIKE TO BE STALKED IN THE STORE, ESPECIALLY BUYING A WOMAN"S KIND OF PRODUCTS LIKE HAND CREAM! And I don’t need a supervisor to go to the store! I’m a competent adult who can walk herself to the store, pick up what I need, and pay for it before exiting. I don’t need a mentor or a detractor since I’m an honest, competent woman. My suggestion to the intruder is that you pay more attention to your own problems. I’m neither thief nor vandal, nor a liar, but I’m not so sure about you!

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