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In the Beginning....

Since this is a particular time of the year, our time of pro-life advocacy, I’d like to add some of the truths that came to me as I was thinking about the issues. I’ve always pondered a few particular lines of Scripture, and thought of its deeper meanings.. At the same time, I continue to hear some echoes about when does life begin. It’s really a no-brainer, but let’s look at it anyway.

Let’s start at the beginning, a very good place to start, as Julie Andrews crooned in “The Sound of Music”. Let’s take the question as it stands, “How do we know when life begins?” For our first reference, where do we usually look on such questions? We look to the most widely sold and most widely read reference on the subject in the entire world, the Bible. St. John’s Gospel begins with

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God. ALL THINGS WERE MADE THROUGH HIM, AND WITHOUT HIM NOTHING WAS MADE.” From the very first chapter and the very first words of John’s Gospel.

There’s a funny joke about a wager a scientist made with God. The scientist said he could also make a man. God said, “Ok. Let’s see you do it.” So the man reached down to collect some dirt, and God said, “NO-NO! MAKE YOUR OWN DIRT!” Point made.

In short, all life is given by God, the Creator, the Everlasting Father. Without His Word, there would be no life at all. He has brought Creation into being, ordered it in harmony and beauty, and gave life to each one of us all all living creatures. IN fact, ALL of creation is ALIVE! The Old Testament tells us that God has given “a portion of His Spirit” to all creatures. This is why you see so much love among bird families, for example, and bears and even insects! I observed a family of beetles react in fear to my camera, and the adults threw themselves over the young to protect them with a self-sacrificing love! That love, that life, is from the love of God, which He shares with all creatures and all mankind.

So that’s the beginning of the “LIFE” question. But we can follow it up with the next scene. It’s a twelve week old fetus (Latin for “Little One”). The baby floats serenely in its mother’s womb. But not for long, because his mother has gone to an abortion clinic. We’ll see if there’s really “LIFE” there by peeking into the womb to watch. How does this baby react to the “abortion”?

This tiny child KNOWS IMMEDIATELY with the invasion of the womb by an instrument that he is in MORTAL DANGER! His heartbeat escalates dramatically, and he runs frantically to find a place to hide. but of course, there is none. The womb of his mother was intended by God as his “safe place”. Do you want to know how he reacts to the death-dealing blows? I’ll tell you that it’s horrific! We don’t hear his terrible screams now, but we will when we die. We will ALL be held accountable for standing by and doing nothing, for having an abortion and not repenting of that, for actually even SUPPORTING abortion or trying to legislate it. It’s the murder of the innocents. And even now, God offers us a way out.

Despite the 61 million innocent martyrs to abortion since 1981, we can still return to God in mourning and beg His forgiveness, and we can work to change our laws. Every Friday morning, many religious communities pray the “Miserere”, or the “Mercy Psalm”, Psalm # 50 or 51 in whatever version of Scripture you may have. It’s a powerful prayer to the Almighty for mercy upon us. And we do need that mercy for the horror of abortion. It begins, “Have mercy on me, Oh God, and in your mercy, wipe out my guilt….” It is an eloquent prayer for forgiveness, and I recommend it to anyone who has had an abortion or wishes to beg God’s forgiveness for the nation’s use of it, or for any kind of experience of anyone who has shed blood. It is a healing, humble prayer, and it’s the prayer our nation and the whole world needs.

Once a saint complained to the Lord that certain evil persons did not seem to be suffering from their sins, but the Lord answered her, “Now is the time for forgiveness. Now is the time for SAVING SOULS!” He explained that He judges souls, but it’s repentance that saves them. America needs to realize that it needs to repent of this horrific and savage practice of dismembering and other practices of murdering tender, loving, unborn babies, because it truly is horrific. If we could all witness it, I doubt abortion would um…have a tiny leg to stand on.

May the loving Savior heal our entire land of abortion and assist our efforts to make people aware of what it really is, and of the true life and death of the unborn. May He heal hearts torn and broken by such things, and bring the people of this land back to wholeness and back to Himself. May God bless all of you, and all of us. Life begins at conception by the Word of God, the Creator and Everlasting Father of us all. May love reign.

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