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Persecution of Christians in Mexico

Here’s the latest on the Mexican deportations, straight from someone I know who has family in Mexico. This is URGENT. Those Migras, the illegals we’re sending back to Mexico, are being either forcibly recruited by the cartels at the border or kidnapped and tortured and sometimes killed! You either work for the cartels when deported or you die! This and the new persecution and torture and murder of Christians in Mexico!!! They are being beheaded and slaughtered!


I’ve also read that Hispanic police officers here are reluctant to pick up Migras. I now understand why. We cannot let our Mexican neighbors be killed in this way just because they were living in the US! With this new information, please let’s drop the deportation orders! I cringe at the thought of any of my neighbors being brutally killed, especially the great people in my favorite tiendas! It’s best to focus on those who have committed violent crimes and sending them back to Mexico. But from what I’ve heard today, the cartels are grabbing the deportees on the border. So please stop the deportations. Even if you have no compassion on these people, think about what it might mean for our war on drugs. These people will know a great deal more about our culture and country. They will be used by criminals!

I hope this news makes a difference to someone who can see what matters and make a change a la gare. That’s what makes a civilization great – here and in Mexico.

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