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God Bless America!

If you read my previous entry, I am not saying that we’re all just “bad code”. :P It’s all got to do with the code we write every day. It’s inevitable that some days we may write bad code. However, St. Bridget of Sweden summed it up quite well, “The world would have peace if only the men of politics would follow the Gospels.” It’s all there, tantalizingly close, right at our fingertips, if we would just reach out and grab it.

Today is Independence Day, the Fourth of July. I just finished watching fireworks at the Capitol, Macy’s, and finally Austin’s. It was quite lovely, along with a little thrown in outside my complex as well, where some have been shooting off bottle rockets, roman candles and other nice displays. I love the Fourth of July! Always have. Today we realize that we’re all one, one body, one nation, under the stars, under God. It’s an awesome feeling. The way to peace is through the Gospels.

Again, on this day too, I think of what was said during the Fatima apparitions of 1918, where Our Lady warned us of the dangers of Communism and atheism. First the Angel of Peace, the Angel Guardian of Portugal, appeared to the children. So we must have an Angel Guardian of the United States of America also. What did the Angel teach the children to do? “Pray! Pray with me! Pray without ceasing.” (You can offer your work as prayer also.) On this day, don’t forget to say prayers before bedtime, and ask God to continue blessing America. And ask the Angel Guardian of the United States of America to guide us always, that we may be safe, and that we may know how we should respond to all that is happening in our world. Let us pray for each other and for peace, for America and for the whole world.

And don’t forget to pray for our military. They performed so beautifully tonight! The music was awesome. Let’s pray for all our military in harm’s way. And while we’re at it, let’s pray for our leaders, and for the elections coming up soon.

Thanks to all for the fireworks! Beautiful!


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