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ARGGHHHH!!!! TRIPLE DIGITS ALL NEXT WEEK! I QUIT! I’M GOING TO AUSTRALIA! IT’S WINTER THERE RIGHT NOW! Oh, excuse me! I didn’t know anyone was listening…. I just watched the weather report. Monday through Friday is supposed to be all triple digits! Not again. Not again. I can’t believe we’re going to have another summer like this. When you’re on foot and have to walk a mile to the bus stop, IT MATTERS! Take today, fer instance. The actual high was 94, but I think they said the heat index was 105! I believe it. It was HOT at 7:30 a.m.!

So welcome to Austin. If you don’t have a car, I hope you have a manservant, or a moto of some kind. I’m kind of hoping for an air car, myself. That way, I won’t have to worry about traffic lights, though maybe low flying airplanes, since they do go overhead here. Sometimes they are fairly low too, and I can read what is written on the side of the plane, or see the picture of that Canadian guy, or whomever it is. One year, I spent some hours on my patio, just cataloging the different air traffic that went by. There were jets, private planes, helicopters, police, military, and sometimes commercial private planes flying signs. The only thing I have NOT seen overhead here, though sometimes downtown, is a BLIMP! Oh! And I have not seen a drone over my apartment either, but this does not mean they are not there. I also have not YET seen an alien, but again, this does not mean they are NOT there. It’s kind of an interesting place to be. Once I even saw a bobcat or cougar laying out on a tree branch. It was not a Raccoon. It was definitely a larger than normal cat type creature. But that was years ago, and the thing has not reappeared. You just never know. I even once had a BAT fly into my apartment, but that’s another story about a guy who thought I WAS bats….
I don’t know. Could be. I LOVE bats.

But back to the weather. If there are any native American Indians around, I have a special request. I don’t know if you DO special requests or not, but I remember the Indians in New Mexico doing rain dances and it would RAIN! I was SO impressed. So I was wondering if maybe you might…… a rain dance?

They are predicting Sunday might be declared one of those dangerous kinds of days because of the heat. Figures. Church day. It’s just MOTIVATION to go. And don’t worry. I’m not moving to Australia. And the Indians don’t have to do a rain dance. I’ll go to church and ask the Higher Power myself…..

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