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Thoughts on Helping Protect Law Enforcement

We are in a time when our law enforcement personnel need our help. When and where we can, we should all watch the backs of our officers, who are all in greater danger than before from insane or simply violent assailants. There are many ways we can assist endangered officers.

Some guys have been simply guarding officers when they see them putting gas in their cars. I think we should all do this if we can. Also, I have always said a few prayers when I hear the sirens of an ambulance, fire truck, or police car, praying for the person they are rushing to rescue. It’s a custom in our church. I noticed the other day, a police car speeding down the street, lights flashing, alarm silent. I knew it probably meant there was a crime in progress and they wanted to catch the criminal without scaring him away with their sirens. I found myself praying for the officer, before I realized what I was doing. Then I realized this is a great way to protect our police force. We may not be able to be present when they need us there to watch their backs, but we can always pray when we hear the sirens, and we can pray for the protection of those rushing to protect and defend.

There’s one part of this that I especially like. We believe, and I’m certain of its veracity, that each human being on the planet has a Guardian Angel. So I also like to send my Guardian Angel to help guard a person in danger. You can do this, because the powers and intellect of an Angel are huge, much greater than our own. Miracles have happened with Angelic assistance. In any event, whether you believe in Angels or not, it does not hurt to ask for their assistance. That’s what they’re there for!

Many saints have spoken about the Angels. Padre Pio, gifted with the ability to see and speak with the Guardian Angels, and informed by them as well in quite remarkable ways, said we should talk to our angels when we are in need. He said we would always receive some benefit from their assistance.

Just a few thoughts on helping our local police.

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