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Little Prince George and the Water Signs


Some adorable photos of little Prince George sparked my casual interest in the astrological chart of the little tyke, and I have to tell you I was floored. (Here, a disclaimer: I will give the disclaimer that God has given us free will, and that all things are possible in God and that we should put our TRUST IN GOD, not astrology.) Prince George’s chart opened to charts of Prince William and Princess Kate as well. I was stunned to find they all have prominent Cancer aspects in their charts. Prince George has his sun in Cancer. So does Prince William. Princess Kate has her sun in Capricorn. Her moon is in Cancer. In a woman’s chart, the moon is most representative of the woman in certain ways. Cancer and Capricorn are attracted to each other, in terms of the sun. Kate will have her challenges, of course, but it seems to me that she also has what she needs within herself to deal with this. Yet, the fact that the water signs are all connected here in Cancer, it is quite amazing. Cancer suggests a love of home. I am not a professional, but I think it will be a good marriage. (Oh, and did I mention that water signs are concerned with the home? HOMELAND? Awesome. Simply awesome.)

I was further floored when I saw that the royal matriarch, the Queen is also a water sign, as is Prince Charles. WOW! I have to say that there is a divine hand here. I am not a professional astrologer. I will say it again. I took a casual class in astrology when I was young, from a professional astrologer, out of curiosity. That amazed me too. I found certain exact correlations in not only my chart and my husband’s, but my son’s as well. (However, it was not as remarkable as the royal family’s perhaps.) But nothing can be said definitively in anyone’s chart. It can’t tell you where to move, who to marry or any such thing. It can show compatibility, for the most part. I’ll leave it at that. Nevertheless, the astrologer did say that there were usually similarities in family charts. All are working on the same thing. It’s like a divine appointment of similar spirits. Hopefully. (We often see relationships that are troubled. This does not mean one cannot progress spiritually in those situations.) I also do not believe in projecting into the future. I do believe there is something to astrology, but I don’t think we have the ability to interpret it, nor are we meant to, because we are meant to put our trust in God and use our God-given will power.

That said, it sure seems to me that some things are meant to be. Here’s a link to one of the interpretations of the Prince George natal chart:

Whatever one’s limitations, God gave them to us for a reason, and we are to turn to God for healp. The closer we are to God, the more likely we will have divine assistance. All things are possible with God. We have so many spiritual helps at hand, it’s foolish to look for that help from astrology. In fact, astrology can leave people anxious and constantly looking to a future trying to figure things out. That is a waste of time. Worry has never changed anything, only the application of heart and mind and prayer. If you have anxiety, if you have issues, turn to God for their resolution, and employ your own brain through the application of your own efforts.

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