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St. Angela Merici and Mothers' Hearts

Today is the feast day of St. Angela Merici. One of the readings from this morning’s prayer readings was written by St. Angela:

“Mothers of children, even if they have a thousand, carry each and every one fixed in their hearts, and because of the strength of their love they do not forget any of them.
… Therefore, mothers most dear to me, if you love these your daughters with a living and unaffected charity, it will be impossible for you not to have each and every one of them engraved upon your memory and in your mind.”

There is a great truth in these words. It is in the nature of a woman to hold her children in her heart and mind. This is only one of the reasons that aborting a child is so hard on a woman. She never forgets that child, even though she never saw it.

When a woman gives life to her children, even though it seems hard and difficult at the time, perhaps in unfavorable circumstances, perhaps seeming to end her dreams for other pursuits, God knows what he is doing. You don’t know what you avoided by giving birth to those children. Also, in the first year or so of life, the unborn child requires so much of its mother’s efforts. But these things ease up over time. Even if at first it seems difficult, this too shall pass. The bonds being created will last.

I hope these words offer encouragement to young women who are struggling with these issues. That is my motivation for writing – that and the precious lives of these children. May God guide every one of us in right paths.

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