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A Case of a Death - Do You Like Mysteries?

It was sometimes the case that Padre Pio, the stigmatist of the Gargano (Italy), in a monastery on a mountain, would be approached by a relative of a deceased person. They would ask, “Padre, did …… make it to heaven?” And the Padre would tell them what the situation was. That’s because Pio could see what we cannot. He could see to the other side, could see the state of a person’s soul, and could see the future. He died in 1968 and has been declared a saint. The following story I have taken from a book written by Brother Michael Dimond titled, “Padre Pio: A Catholic Priest Who Worked Miracles and Bore the Wounds of Jesus Christ on His Body”.

So one day a woman with two children, whose husband left her to live with another woman, was suddenly widowed. The wandering husband died. She was filled with anxiety for his soul, so she went to ask the Padre where her husband had gone. The Padre responded, “Your hsuband’s soul is condemned forever.” Part of the problem was, the Padre told her, that even at death, he was not repentant, and even then he concealed some of his sins from the confessor.

Well, you may think, easy for him to say. No one can dispute his story. However, what gave Pio credibility was his total accuracy in the things that we CAN see! He was never wrong. No one could deceive him in the confessional. He always knew what was absolutely true.

There are many stories like this from Pio’s confessional. Some were cases of abortions women “forgot” to confess. No one knew they’d had an abortion. The Padre would always remind them, and to their disbelief that it was wrong, he would insist, “It IS a sin, a GREAT sin! That is KILLING!” So if you feel uncertain about abortion, here’s the Padre’s answer. When he was asked why he was sometimes harsh with women who’d had an abortion, he replied, “How else can I bring her to repentance?” The cure for this sin then is repentance and confession. How simple. I hope many will avail themselves of this wonderful Sacrament. The authority for Confession was given by Jesus Himself, “Whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven them; whose sins you retain, they are retained.”

There’s a great online newsletter detailing stories of people who had experiences with meeting the Padre. Just type “Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry” into your browser. That’s the title of the newsletter, and it was a counself the Padre often gave to those seeking his advice or help. Very interesting stories.

But my main reason for posting this excerpt today is the revelation about the man living in adultery who was condemned to hell forever. I post things I think will help someone. Many in our society do not believe that this way of life is wrong, and they do not realize that they are putting their immortal souls in such peril. The choice is for each one of us. I just wanted to show what St. Pio said, that you might be informed.

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