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"Point of View"

Just wanted to mention, for those of you who have never seen it, the great series on PBS, “POV” or “Point of View”. These films are made by independant filmakers, bloggers, whatever. Tonight I watched one from China. If you want to see it, go to and search for “High Tech, Low Life”. It was made by “citizen bloggers”, or citizen reporters, which is what they really are. They have gone to problem areas and documented the problem on film and through interviews. Then they post them. They spoke also about censorship and the problems they have had as citizen reporters. They speak of censorship in China and the problems caused in the countryside with the new economic surge. As they journey, there are bits of the Chinese countryside and a bit of Beijing. Quite a wonderful film. There is also an update on that web site about the two “citizen” reporters who created the film. It is simply told and I found I didn’t want to move from my chair through the whole story. I give it five stars. Of course I have always been interested in things foreign, and China with all the new economic surge is especially interesting to hear about. I hope you enjoy it.

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