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One Mother's Choice

While we’re still kind of on the subject here, I want to post a link to a mother’s choice. She speaks to what many feel when an unplanned pregnancy occurs. It is well worth watching, because everything she says is totally right. Here’s the link:

I have posted other videos, a video of a sonogram abortion, which got depublished by RB admin, because this is a photography web site. I understood their concerns. However, if you wish to see the video, you can find it on the web. I am just not going to post the link here. The above link is one mother’s story, and it is so true. There is nothing in the world as moving as having your child. There is no love in the world like the love of a parent for their child. I saw something written today that was so true and so moving. It was written under a photo frame of a sonogram photo. It said something like – “I wanted you when you were conceived. I loved you when you were growing in the womb. And within an hour of your birth, I would have died for you.” That’s pretty much true. Do you understand why Angelina Jolie is so happy with so many children? :)) I do.

The fears many have that they won’t be able to care for their child never seems to prove true. That’s because life is in God’s hands. We trust in God’s Providence. He provides. If you have not already viewed the above video, it is a really true scenario of how a parent’s life is caught up, swept up in joy the moment this new life enters the scene. Any boredom or ennui or malaise or anguish in life over this relationship or that disappears in the joy of the newborn child. Suddenly your life is filled with so much love. This new little person with the cute little pug nose and the curious look, who stares at you saying, “So THAT’s what you look like!”, becomes your joy. Don’t throw it all away.

Somewhere in Scripture it says that God knows what you need before you ask. As parents, we too know what our children need when they’re little, don’t we? At the time, our little child may not think that he or she needs what we give them. In fact, sometimes something they need is something they don’t think they want. But it turns out to be good for them. So it is with God, who, as Pope Benedict stated in Lumen Fidei, has proclaimed himself the author of life when He gave Sarah and Abraham a child in their old age. Perhaps that pregnancy that is so scary will turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. Did you ever think about that?

I also highly encourage anyone contemplaing an abortion, to go online and view video testimony of nurses who have been a part of abortion, and how hard it is for them to take live born children and leave them on a cold table in a closet to die alone. It’s a “Fetus”, which in Latin means “LITTLE ONE”. Check it out! You’ll never regret later that you did. Be PRO-ACTIVE! Learn ahead of time, make the right “choices” ahead of time. Remember that with the right “choice”, that little guy will be saying, “ma-ma” so sweetly, it will melt your heart….

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