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At the Sigining Yet More Demonstrations

I first thought that when Perry signed the 20 week abortion ban bill (the limit had previously been 24 weeks – (NOT A BIG DIFFERENCE!) – that it would be a moment of cheering from the Republicans and those of us who supported the bill, but that basically, it was a done deal, a ceremony. However, pro-“choice” supporters turned up dressed in black, Holding large signs saying “SHAME”, and wearing black duct tape over their mouths with coathangers on them. It was an aping of pro-life groups wearing the red LIFE tape on their clothes, some over their mouths. Some pro-lifers during the debates also wore blue duct tape over their mouths…enuf said. But at the signing, others dressed in black chanted something like, “the blood of women is one your hands!”. REALLY? I couldn’t believe they had the nerve to invoke “blood” and attribute the suffering to the “mothers”! OR THE SHAME! It is not the mother’s blood which is spilled in those clinics, and it is not the lawmakers who bear the shame; t’s the babies’ whose blood is spilled and the MOTHERS who bear the shame! I couldn’t believe they had the audacity to chant such a thing. Nor could I believe they showed up dressed in black with regard to the “woman’s health”! WHAT? That black must be reserved for the death of those little babies who struggle so, in futility and great pain, to live. Hurts me to even think about it after seeing the video. As one woman, a complete stranger, said to me, “How SELFISH can those women BE?” That was preciesly my thinking. I don’t think they have a clue about the impressions they left behind them. Hurts me to think about that too, because there are many truly great Texas women. Our lawmakers, for example. Some of these women were shining stars during these debates, like Representative Laudenberg, who sponsored the bill in the House. There were other courageous women defending the cause of life for those unable to defend themselves. It was enough to inspire many.

And the thing is, the dust hasn’t even settled. They are planning all kinds of lawsuits. We’ll just have to see how it evolves. I figure most of those women dressed in black are young. That’s what they looked like. Still in adolescence, which YES FOLKS, lasts until age 28, in case you didn’t know. As is SO well known, this is a time of rebellion, of pulling up roots an establishing one’s own identity. We all can do foolish things during that time, no? Ah, we’re all one big family…. :P Let’s hope all of our family members live to see the light and enjoy the freedom of deciding their own fate in life. Calling the “aborting” of the unborn “a woman’s choice”, negates the freedom and “choice” of the unborn child. The mother should not have the “choice” to choose death for someone else. We have another name for that, and it isn’t “choice”. Back in the time of slavery, we called such “choices” something else. We called them “slavery”. But those “choices” were ruled illegal and banished from the land. And happily so. We do not want to revert to that frame of mind again. But we have. So let’s raise awareness of what is true and what is factual. Many people only need to be educated in the truth. Frankly, I don’t think anyone can watch that abortion video and not be moved to a solid pro-life stand, but that’s my own opinion. As I described the video to one woman, she broke into tears, just from my telling her what happened. I can’t do that here, because it may offend some viewers. In a different context, I would simply say, if it’s the truth, and you are supporting one side or the other, why are you so afriad to look at it, and how can you make an in formed judgment withOUT looking at what it is you’re supporting? I can visualize a cartoon, where an ostrich has its head in the sand and is muttering, “I can’t look at that. I’m too sensitive. But I’m voting for it.” We should remember, if we’re afraid to cry, afraid to see what it is, that God is waiting for us to turn to him with these things and repent of it if we have been involved in it. There is forgiveness. I don’t want to scare anyone without giving the solution and the comfort, the way to solve the problem.

It was very moving to see those who sponsored the bill saying they felt our prayers and support during the long, draining sessions to get the bill passed. I was also delighted to hear that lawmakers now refer to those of us who wore blue in support of this bill, as “‘the blues’, as they have come to be known”. :P You see? A story evolves around the defenseless, created by the little people with no particular claim to fame and no particular claim to weath, but dedication to prayer for the lives of the littlest among us, and offering their stalwart support. I’m referring to the pro-life groups and supporters who were relentless. It was as beautiful and moving to witness as the courageous stand of our lawmakers. We have yet to see how we weather the challenges to this bill, but this past week was very inspiring to see what the silent majority can do once they’re motivated and aware. And especially, as Rep. Laudenberg commented, “This was the hand of God.”

Encouraged by the first bill, a new bill has been introduced in the House that would limit abortions to the point at which the doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat. That is even more exciting legislation for the little people, the ones in the womb.

Some think I’m showboating here. That is not my intention. I am naturally verbal. My mother was visually impaired and I was her narrator. Habit. But my purpose here is to inform, that women may make better decisions about life, and in support of pro-life legislation. I have found that many women are ignorant of many aspects of abortion, and I’m always amazed. It’s my hope that this information will save lives and save souls. I’m like the little mouse in a cubbyhole who gathers little particles of truth, puts them together, and uses them to help the children. No one of any importance, just a little library mouse, sometimes concerned about the cat, and always fond of something cheesy. I also know that some people like to hear the abortion debate news from Texas, so I post it for them. Governor Perry said it all: this bill will change the lives of millions of Texans from now all the way to eternity. Especially in eternity. God bless everyone on both sides of the issue, especially the legislators, but most of all, our unborn children.

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