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Abortion Links Removed

For those of you looking again for my links to abortion photos and videos, the local pro-“choice” crowd complained to RB so that I had to remove the links. But you can easily find them online. There’s a virtual flood of such intormation on the net.

Another valid concern expressed by the pro-life crowd these days is dismemberment. Should anyone really have the right to dismember another human being? It’s worth pondering, especially as our society has become more violent. Don’t think the two things are related? Think again. And btw, for you fantacists out there who like to imagine for the benefit of others, that I am the origin of these concerns worldwide, I suggest psychotropic medication. The pro-life crowd has been attempting to raise awareness for many years. That’s how I was caught up in this movement 20 years ago. I saw photos of little corpses piled one on top of another in trash cans. These photos had been published by the pro-life groups. If you are interested, you should search online. They are there. I beileve what has sparked the concern of pro-life people are abortion sonogram videos and such.

So for those of you concerned about right and wrong, ethics, and what is REALLY offensive, you might want to ponder this question for a while. Have a great day! And God bless you real good!

And btw, I don’t mean any of this sarcastically or in any kind of angry way. I just wanted everyone to know why the entries they favrotied were not there. I don’t think the links are necessarily essential here anyway. They were just the topping on the whole cake. Nor do I have any hostility whatsoever towards the RB, which is a wonderful web site. I encourage everyone to join if you like photography. The people are great!

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