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The Outcome

The abortion ban bill has passed the Seante, though I’m kind of late reporting this. You probably already know, and it’s on its way to the Governor for signing. I haven’t heard any more on it yet, but the Governor is going to sign it. Thus it is law, or is about to be. There were loud protests from pro-“choice” demonstrators in the Senate chambers. There was the woman who threatened the legislators, indicating to them that she knew their names and professions, saying, “We’re coming for you!” She was hauled out of the chamber by three DPS officers. I’m surprised she wasn’t arrested. One woman chained herself to the Senate gallery railing. The day of the vote also, DPS officers caught pro-“choice” activists coming into the Capitol with jars of urine and feces. They were going to throw this onto the legislators.

So while these demonstrators were defining who the pro-“choice” people are, our very professional legislators took everything in stride, and were very considerate and polite to each other and to those in the gallery and those giving testimony. I was quite impressed with the legislative process and the manner in which it was conducted. It made me proud of our state. The other group who maintained wonderful decorum were the pro-life groups, whose basically silent, well-behaved witness was exemplary.

All over town, people displayed their position on the issue with either blue or orange shirts. Even our news crews wore either orange or blue, showing their silent support for one side or the other. This has been the most attended, most debated, most emotional issue in the history of the legislature. Even the legislative body was surprised at the turnout. They were delighted with the interest of the people in this bill and in the process. I found it very exhilarating to be able to express my views, both here on the RB and at the Capitol. It is an issue that I too have had strong feelings about, as you have observed if you have read my journal entries lately. For the past 20 years, I have read and researched everything in every aspect that I could find on abortion. I discovered that the Apostles of Jesus Himself taught that abortion is a violation of the Fifth Commandment. I found many facts on what occurs during an abortion, from the technical aspects to the actual video of an abortion. I have to say that the video of the abortion has motivated me more than anything else I have uncovered in 20 years. But we all know that with repentance God forgives.

Also there has been a great deal of discovery from medical doctors. If you did not see it some time back, a doctor was performing some surgery on the unborn child in utero, and the little guy reached up and held the doctor’s finger with his little hand. That photo is still floating around somewhere. I don’t know if it’s on the net or not. One other thing of great interest are the Princeton studies done quite some time ago. One of the facts which stood out in my mind was their claim that the unborn child at 3 months in utero is already beginning to learn things, including language.

Well, all of this is just a short recap of some elements of my informational efforts during the debates. Nothing I have posted was intended to hurt anyone. Just the facts, Mam, just the facts. Someone suspected that I had indeed been responsible for the bill. Unfortunately, I could not claim credit for that. I would like to, but I cannot. This legislation has been getting through legislatures in a number of states over a period of time. It kind of caught on like wildfire, and I think Texas is maybe the 15th state or so to pass it. The bill was already in the House before I even heard about it. The question was posed to the Senator who initiated the bill, is one person responsible for this bill? His reply was that he was inspired partly by the birth of his 3 month premature twins, who are now healthy and lively, as well as his work with pro-life groups and other senators, among whom are medical personnel, a doctor, and so forth. So, sorry, I had nothing to do with its inception. I merely tried to support it with my journal entries, though only 2 or 3 people read them! HAH! :P

I very much loved the back and forth, the debates, the revelations of various motivations and feelings around the issue. It was a very healthy and informative debate in general. I also thought the outcome was very fair to both sides. Abortion has not been completely outlawed. The bill merely bans late term abortions, which cause the unborn so very much suffering. Women still have five months to make their decision. Many claim abortion clinics will close. However, in another state where this legislation was passed, the same claim was made, that clinics would be forced to close. But that was not the outcome. They adjusted to the upgrades and are still in business. So for the time being, I think this bill basically considers everyone. The change from the previous status is that now fetal pain, or the pain of the well formed, unborn child is taken into consideration. It is a humanitarian issue, a humane ruling that needed to happen.

I can recall when abortion was first legally permitted. No abortions would be allowed past three months, they said. HAH! Look at it now! And now we not only have so many abortions, euthanasia has crept in as well! It has become law in a few states, and the rise in senior deaths has been remarkable. What they have found is that seniors begin to feel that they are a burden to their families and so end their lives, even though they are healthy. This too is wrong. Who’s it gonna be next? God has a purpose for each one of us as long as he gives us life, and when he’s ready to take us back, he does so. That is not our choice. There is something for everyone to learn in our living. He’s just not done with us yet. We may all have moments when we think we should be gone already, but God in his wisdom knows what is really the best thing for us, for those around us, and for our souls.

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