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My Background on the Issue

Well, the abortion ban bill has passed the House and now moves on to Committee in the Senate. It should be interesting. This bill has stirred more debate here at the Capitol than they have seen in its history. In fact, a woman clad in orange had to be removed from the House when she began insulting and threatening the legislators personally. We’ve heard it all from abortion proponents – we’re backwards, they’re “embarassed” for us, and now, probably as a result of my use of the term for their lame excuses for killing the unborn, we’re a “farce”. We’re also supposedly uninformed and uneducated and, I suppose, we just don’t know what we’re talking about.

So I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my research efforts over a period of about 20 years. I am an eclectic spirit. I read everything, all the time. My parents gave me a great love of learning and reading from the time I was little, before I could even read. God bless my parents! They also gave me life and protected me. We tend to forget these things in these “abortion/murder” debates. I often wonder about the parents of our pro-“choice” crowd. So who are we really making the “choice” for again? It really isn’t for ourselves, is it? It’s for the unborn. But I digress….

I already had college degrees and teaching experience, but when I was carrying my son, I took a regular credit class at the university on the growth and development of the unborn child. It inspired me and I bought a few books and began studying additionally on my own. I also followed the natural growth and development of the baby and toddler after birth in like manner. It was a miracle to watch, and I’ll never forget it.

But it must have been at least 20 years ago when I first saw a photograph of a trash can piled high with little corpses, one on top of the other, and the expression on their faces, I will never forget that either. They were found behind an abortion clinic. The babies were not that small. They were all late term, healthy babies. Immediately my heart was engaged. I felt deep regret that I could not reach out and grab them before they were killed. That photo remains in my memory. It started me on a journey that opened my eyes. I found a brochure published by a clinic of doctors from another state. It showed aborted babies and described the methods used to kill each one. I immediately sent a copy of that brochure to the Clintons, who were then in the White House. A few weeks later, they made a statement encouraging women not to abort. I was impressed by that, but it wasn’t enough, of course. Because of the outrage at the little corpses being found behind abortion clinics, abortion “doctors” began stuffing the corpses down garbage disposals. Garbage. Calling your children garbage, or trash.

In the following years, I have followed every lead I could find on conception, the life of a child in utero, and abortion. I searched out spiritual aspects as well as physical ones, as well as accounts from the lives of the saints. Amazingly, most people are not aware of the Didiche, the first catechism written by a missionary companion of St. Paul’s. Paul mentions Clement in Phillipians. I’ve written of this before. In the Didiche (or teaching), Clement states clearly, “Do not abort a fetus. That is murder.” (Fifth Commandment)

As a researcher, we are trained to seek out authoritative sources, i.e. commentary from a reputable, trained, educated source with credibility, as in degrees from a credited University, or training with a recognized expert in a field of study. Not all testimony is accepted, only that which can be verified as authoritative. Clement’s authority goes to Christ Himself through his association with the original Apostles. I mention this to address the threatening young woman’s comment about a “farce”, and I wanted to begin explaining what is a fact and what is a farce, and how we determine which witch is which, as it were. It is not so just because you say it or believe it. The absolute truth is out there. You have to want to find it.

Of course there are web sites on the net showing you the growth and development of the unborn child, as well as photos of aborted babies. One of the most moving testimonies of all is the sonongram video of an abortion I referenced a few entries back in my journal. I provided a link to that page. The video is one of the entries on that page. You can see for yourself. A great resource for factual images is the photo gallery on It’s also a great source of information.

What so many refuse to see in the abortion debate is the fact that we are talking about the life of a child. To suggest that a mother’s discomfort in traveling 50 miles to kill that child is a good reason for not passing a bill to protect that life is ludicrous. These two issues do not equate. The greatest right is the right to life. Without that right, nothing else matters. It is the responsibility of legislators to protect all life. They are the authorities. When a child can be born and survive, it’s too late to say, “Oh, I think now I want to destroy it!” Now, at five months, it’s going to feel pain and horror in dismemberment and great sorrow. Can you even imagine it? The law our legislators are proposing is a good and fair one. It does not totally eliminate the ability to acquire an abortion for the first five months. It restricts abortion after the child is viable and can feel pain and horror. I don’t know how anyone can really argue with that, which is why all the objections seemed lame and sometimes farcical. The doublespeak sometimes used by Planned Parenthood agitators was most apparent in the threatening woman’s use of language. As one has no true or logical defense for an action, they take the words of truth and twist them to try to fit into their indefensible acts. That is why they look so silly. And I don’t know if she was one of those agistators paid $1,200 to cause a ruckus at the Capitol to disrupt the passage of the bill of if she acted on her own. She obviously believed what she was saying.

Most recently, I began reading Pope Benedict and Francis’ latest encyclical, which jsut came out last Friday, “The Light of Faith”. I was most struck by their comments of God’s promise to Abraham that Sarah would bear him a child, even though the couple was up in years. In doing so, the Popes stated, God declared himself the author of life. It’s awesome reading and I quoted that whole paragraph a few entries down. You might want to check it out. I would consider this statement also as being “authoritative”. In other words, when I want source material, I go to sources with knowledge and wisdom and truth.

As for upping the requirements for abortion clinics, you may not be aware of the fact that something like 126 women in Texas have died this year having abortions in clinics. When I lived in another state, I knew a woman who was in difficult circumstances and was pregnant. I encouraged her to seek help to have the baby, but she said she was going to get an abortion. Later, to my shock, I heard her name on the news. She had bled to death in an abortion clinic while the “doctor” ate lunch. I do not believe our legislators create these laws lightly.

And finally, if you have your baby, and you do not want to keep it, you can bring it to any hospital, and they will take the baby, no questions asked. He or she will recieve a good home. I realize these are very emotional issues, but the most emotional issue is that of life over death, and horror and pain. Are we a humane nation or not? We must decide. It is also interesting to see how abortion has fostered euthanasia as well. Let us not lose our focus on the value of every human life, from conception to natural death. It matters to the general welfare of the entire nation. We are following a path that has been trod before by other countries, who witnessed blood baths, and then lost their freedom.

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