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Not to Demean Any

Well, my pro-life research and blog has gotten me into some trouble, I think. It has not been my intention to demean the august body of the legislature, though I think only a few were offended. As in any kind of opinion, especially where there is a great deal of debate and diverse opinions, we are all going to find some of it ironic, humorous, or ridiculous. This does not mean that we do not understand the deep, underlying emotional issues. Nor does it mean that I do not sympathize with those in difficult circumstances. I’m saying that with the research I have done, I have found profound truths, which I have sought to share. I do not believe I deserve to be attacked, falsely accused, or destroyed because of this. My previous comments were all in good humor. I can see why some try so hard to continue what has been a disastrous decision from the start. It is my personal opinion that their views are tragically short sighted.

Some have expressed views that it is “a woman’s choice” or “a woman’s health issue”. The choice came before conception. After conception, it’s not a choice, it’s a human life, and that life is a separate being from the mother. Slavery was abolished many years ago. It is NOT a “RIGHT” to have the power of life and death over another human being who can feel pain, who understands with horror what is going on, and is being brutally murdered. It is hard for me to do, but I feel obligated to speak up for those who cannot speak yet for themselves. Somebody has to do this. The “health” issue is that of the unborn child, not the mother. Abortion ALWAYS takes the life of the unborn child, completely destroying its health and serenity of mind. The mother’s only suffering is in fearing that she will have to take care of an adorable baby. Gee, I feel so bad for her. You can bring your baby to an emergency room, no questions asked, and the child will be given a good home. You don’t have to keep her. Don’t get me wrong. I can understand their panic in diverse situations. I’m not lessening that, but there’s no excuse for killing a baby who is cognizant, sentient, and serene prior to the abortion. Seeing this child scream a silent scream of absolute horror and pain on an abortion sonogram video has transformed many opinions about abortion! THAT is the REAL HEALTH issue. Mothers who want sympathy for doing this to their unborn children, complaining they had to drive a hundred darn miles to do this, just don’t have any credibility. I’m sorry, but it’s a lame excuse for taking that life.

As I said before, I have no ill will towards the processes of those who oppose the bill. I just think they have not thought deeply enough about the issue. I have meant no disrespect to anyone. I have merely tried to point out the lame excuses being used to try to block the bill, and to continue killing babies mature enough to survive birth. If you are sexually active, use contraception. If you become pregnant, and you are so ill that you cannot carry that child, you have the option to abort up to five months. That is a long time!~ The abortion industry wants wholesale slaughter. I wanted to demonstrate how serious this really is. I hope I have done that.

I do offer an apology if I have offended any presenter in the House. I’m not sure the unborn children in danger of suffering a brutal death would apologize, though. That’s my whole point. Give life a chance.

This doesn’t change my stand on abortion, nor does it alter the facts of abortion, or its consequences. Nor does it make the lame excuses any less lame. We should have the right to express our opinions. That’s what the democratic process is all about.

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