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MUST READ! Shedding "the Light of Faith" (Pope's Encyclical) on the Unborn - AWESOME!

Have you had a chance yet to read any of “Lumen Fidei” or “The Light of Faith”, the Pope’s new encyclical? It just came out Friday. I downloaded it and read the first few pages. Like the parish priest just said this weekend, it’s absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend it to everyone. I’ve only read about 10 pages or so, and already I want to go back and reread it and spend time pondering what I’ve read. So the priest was right. It’s awesome and will greatly “illuminate” your faith journey! Full of inspiration and the love of God! WOW! What a beautiful piece of work!

I was most struck by an excerpt I hope the Pope won’t mind me quoting here. And I want to quote it because it relates to our current issue before the Texas legislature about limiting late term abortions. I believe this is one of the most convincing arguments I’ve ever heard. As you read it, you suddenly have a moment of absolute clarity and realize it is a profound truth. The Pope is writing at this point about Abraham, and I just took this portion of what he was saying. If you want his whole story of Abraham, you can download the document for free from the Vatican web site. Here’s the excerpt:

“In the voice which speaks to him, the patriarch [Abraham] recognizes a
profound call which was always present at the
core of his being. God ties his promise to that
aspect of human life which has always appeared
most “full of promise”, namely, parenthood,
the begetting of new life: “Sarah your wife shall
bear you a son, and you shall name him Isaac”
(Gen 17:19). The God who asks Abraham for
complete trust reveals himself to be the source
of all life. Faith is thus linked to God’s father-
hood, which gives rise to all creation; the God
who calls Abraham is the Creator, the one who
“calls into existence the things that do not ex-
ist” (Rom 4:17), the one who “chose us before
the foundation of the world… and destined us
for adoption as his children” (Eph 1:4-5). For
Abraham, faith in God sheds light on the depths
of his being, it enables him to acknowledge the
wellspring of goodness at the origin of all things
and to realize that his life is not the product of
Cf. Catechesis V, 1: PG 33, 505A.
In Psal. 32, II, s. I, 9: PL 36, 284.8 9 13
non-being or chance, but the fruit of a person-
al call and a personal love.”

So here you have the story of life, the story of conception, and the story of when life begins, of Who is the author of life, and a greater sense of the destiny and worth of the life conceived in the womb. I don’t know about you, but for me the things of science show one thing, but the words of Scripture reveal so much more. With the two aspects of life combined, here is a cogent argument for sparing the life of our unborn children. And as always, I want to remind readers that God will forgive us any sin when we repent of it, for He is always calling to us to trust in Him and to trust in His mercy. There is no need to despair, only to repent if we have been a part of abortion.

There is one aspect to being a bit older. Through time one gains knowledge, understanding that we don’t have when we’re 20 or 30. There is a truth in that. We may still be foolish about many things, but mostly as we age, we learn in one area or another. Hopefully, we can all learn something beautiful from Pope Francis and Pope Benedict’s encyclical. It is so far as I have read, a stunningly illuminating work! WOW! DOUBLE WOW! Highly recommended!

If there is any objection to my quoting this document, I will be happy to take this entry down after the legislative vote on the abortion issue.

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