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Fruits and Vegetables of the Spiritual Life

Today during the homily, the priest was commenting on a line from Scripture, those words about bearing fruit. He was bnasically making the point that we should look at whether we produce good fruit or whether we are producing bad fruit. What popped into my mind was…“or whether we are a vegetable producing nothing at all”. And though the priest didn’t use those exact words, he next said something to the effect, “…or whether you produce nothing at all.” :P That was eerie.

So what I got from it was, we are either producing good fruit, bad fruuit, or we are just veggies doing nothing at all. He actually was speaking about the current issue before our legislature regarding new limits on abortions, i.e., none after 20 weeks, and no abortionists without admitting privileges to hospitals. It’s been a big well attended process at the Capitol if you haven’t heard. Here’s the thing: you woke up this morning. I did too. We can be grateful to our mothers for not killing us in her womb. So what are we doing for those who ARE in that kind of danger? That’s the point. As long as we do nothing, little people wiho could survive if they were born at that point, will continue to die in the most brutal and painful way! If we saw someone attacking a tiny baby on the street, we would all jump in to save it, wouldn’t we? So why haven’t you said anything? I guess that’s what the priest meant.

So here’s an examination of conscience for tonight – are you good fruit, bad fruit, or a vegetable?

I read an article online this evening about events at the Capitol…supposedly. I’m not sure the article in my email was legitimate. The fellow wrote,

“Thousands of orange-shirted abortion supporters – many of which are paid agitators – have flocked to the historic Texas Capitol with one thought in mind: thwart a bill that would stop the horrendous practice of late-term abortions and provide safety protections for vulnerable women.”

Paid agitators? Really? I wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s the first I’ve heard of it. Then he spoke of pro-lifers praying and pro-choicers walking over and shouting, “Hail, Satan!” REALLY? I never heard that either.

Whatever is happening, Governor Perry is commenting on the mob tactics from the last Special Session. He said mob rule interrupting the legislative process has never happened in the history of Texas. Isn’t it amazing? In order to continue killing the late term unborn, the lengths people will go to? Is it people in general, or is it the abortion INDUSTRY paying agitators? Whatever the case may be, don’t be a vegetable. Bear good fruit.

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