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The Basis for Freedom

Today someone quoted one of our founding fathers (and don’t ask me which one, because I don’t remember) as saying, “Wihtout virtue there can be no liberty.” The reasoning here is immediately obvious. Sudden clarity.

As though Heaven were sounding the same concerns, in a somewhat different way, in her apparitions in Fatima, Our Lady told the visionaries that war is the consequence of sin. She told them that WWI was about to end, but that if people did not turn back to God, a worse war would break out. If you don’t know about WWII, take a history class. She also commented about the time beyond WWII.

So with these things in mind, I will again comment on something I’ve said before. When I was a kid, we didn’t have to lock our doors at night. Can you imagine that? AND we left our windows open. I can remember waking up in the summer to the smell of sun warmed flowers in my bedroom from the flower bush outside my window. That was like waking up in Heaven.

Who values virtue these days? I can tell you this. WIthout it, you will never enter Heaven, for nothing unholy can enter there. I was impressed today listening to the news when cameras caught up with George and Laura Bush in Tanzania. They are painting in a new women’s clinic, which they are building for the women there. When asked about his work there, he said that he came from a background of plenty in America, and seeing the poverty of that area, he felt he had to do something. Plus, he said, “It’s good for my soul.” We often forget that part of things, don’t we, what’s good for our souls? It isn’t just our physical bodies which need nourishment and care, but our souls also need these things, though of a different nature. Our souls are fed on different things, on prayer, on worship, on hymns, sometimes on fasting, on sacrifice, and always on virtue.

So when you’re tempted to rebellion against laws either civil or spiritual, think about WWI and WWII. Think about what causes them and what can prevent them. And please, apply it to yourself. You don’t really know anyone else’s soul, and you can’t do very much about someone else’s conscience. But if you implement what you know, then know that one person can make a huge difference. One person can be responsible for the salvation of many. With God’s help, nothing is impossible. The spiritual journey is such an exciting adventure. You might say it’s the greatest adventure.

Now I know some of you have had this experience. I can be sitting down working on any kind of project. Let’s say I’m crocheting. I lose the count on a particular pattern, so I just keep crocheting to keep my stitches consistent and not lose that particular tension on the yarn. I stop, thinking, this is just about right. I count the stitches. EXACTLY RIGHT. That inner voice that told me to “STOP!”, did not come from another person sitting next to me. So where did it come from? My unconscious mind? My unconscious mind had lost the count, and i had to backtrack to redo some unruly stitches. I figure it was spiritual help, either from my wonderful guardian angel, who is invisible, or from someone dear to me on the other side. As Padre Pio said, our Guardian Angels are our best friends. We can talk to them, especially when we have some difficultiy, and we’re sure to experience some benefit. Many people discount spiritual help, but I find it all the time, and I know it is from the spiritual world. You can tune in to it too. Try it! It’s really, really cool!

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