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I have spent most of my career as a French professor and a research librarian, and have been reinventing myself as a writer. I’m...

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(Please note that all works, both written and photographic, on my Bubble are copyrighted, and may not be used without my permission.)

I’m a semi-retired French Professor and Librarian.

My user name comes from St. Brendan, the Navigator, my namesake, though my present selection of photos is from Austin, Tx., where I currently reside. Like Brendan, I grew up not too awful far from the open waters of the Gulf, and throughout my childhood, I often accompanied my father in the early dawn to fish, shrimp, and catch oysters and crabs in the bayous, lakes, marshes, and out in the Gulf. Watching flocks of Pelicans, Ibis, Roseate Spoonbills, Egrets and Herons crisscross the colorful dawn sky was breathtaking, a treasury held in my heart.

I’m a dabbler at photography and am just having fun taking photos.

I’ve always loved the outdoors, and I hope you like my perspective, as I have tried to capture the spirit of a thing through the lens, and in that lies the beauty of God’s Creation. As long as I live, I will never cease to marvel over what God has Created, and over the creativity God has given us feeble creatures. To share in that with the the Big Guy is a great gift. However impromptu, I have loved taking these photos for you, exulting in a stunning patch of light on a tree branch, or the first Magnolia of the season, or the graceful arch of a tall Crepe Myrtle tree. Likewise, I love the unique aspects of a city, or the beauty created by those incredible street painters who paint lovely images on the sides of buildings. Catching the particular flavor of a season, a city, or a belief can be an inspiring experience, as also photographic humor can bring laughter. And that is what I hope to share.

I also love exploring, discovering new places and things, as did St. Brendan. His sea voyage pre-dated Columbus, and many believe he discovered America before Columbus. At the very least, it is thought that his explorer journal encouraged Columbus to venture out on the open seas. So I venture out on a new path with Red Bubble! YES!

Languages, reading, family and hiking! That’s me!

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News on Conscientious Objection

There’s great news with regard to the objection of conscience to paying for abortion through insurance costs. Here’s a letter from Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life: / / A person or organization no longer has to pay for the abortions of others.…
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God and the Supernatural

Sunday I came across something that was the perfect answer to what some have asked me. Keep in mind that I have to work at things just as everyone else. I’m not a theologian or anything. I’ve read the lives of the saints and much of Scripture, but I know people who’ve read much more than me. Nevertheless, I thought I’d post this for those who were wondering. / And ther…
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The Smallest Mammal in the World

OK, did you know that you’re a mammal? What are mammals? Here’s a definition from an online dictionary of the word mammal: / “a warm-blooded vertebrate animal of a class that is distinguished by the possession of hair or fur, the secretion of milk by females for the nourishment of the young, and (typically) the birth of live young.” / There are many mammals. All primates …
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All Hallow's Eve and the Souls

After Halloween, we have the holy feast days of All Saint’s Day on November 1 and All Souls’ Day on November 2. These are two of my most favorite days in the whole year next to Christmas and Easter and a few others. On November 1, we honor all those saintly souls who brought miracles to their flocks, but most of all, lived lives of holiness on earth in line with the Commandments. I…
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