Featured in All In Editing!

What a nice day to find that my image The Common Eye has been featured in the group All IN Editing! Such a a wonderful honor…thank you so much to the hosts of this great group!

Recovering From Illness

I apologize to all my wonderful friends here whom I have not had the pleasure of viewing and commenting on their images. I have been very busy since Saturday recovering from a sudden onset of the worst flu I have had in a very long time.

Seems the medications the doctor issued yesterday are finally beginning to help, although I must admit the heavy steroids make me a bit nervous and jerky most of the time, while the antibiotics make me drowsy and ready to sleep! Nothing like not knowing which end is up! (My humor is still with me if you will notice!)

Be well and know I will catch up as much as possible at my leisure, as my health allows for such over the next days, barring any further set backs on this journey!

Hugs to you all

Placement in Challenge in Mystical Magical Creatures!

I am awed. I do not enter many challenges, so this came as a huge surprise. My image Christmas Magic placed in the top ten in the Christmas challenge of the groups Mystical, Magical Creatures! I want to thank all the members who voted for this image as well as congratulate the winner and all others who placed! Well done everyone and thank you again!

Clearing up the mess!

After a few days of no power, down lines and trees, and no connection, I am just returning to my friends here on the bubble. It feels so good to be back in touch with everyone, it was a silent few days here!

With all that has happened, I need to finish getting things back in order here at home, as well as all my sites on line. I apologize for not commenting on all your images posted, but will be honest and say I just do not have the time right now. I will be going through and commenting on one or two of each of the images that come up in my feed for today, just to let you all know I care and am still very interested in your work! Hope you all understand!

Hopefully things will be back to normal in the next day or two! Have a nice day and stay warm my friends!

Major Internet Problems

Hi Friends,
The company I have for connection, the only one in this part of the woods by the way, so no choice to get out, has had a satellite go down last week, cutting us off entirely for 36 hours until a new one could be installed. Then there are issues with Google, whom my company is powered by and my mail system went down.
So, they decided to fix everything including that which was not broken…NOW not much works and the speed is way down. Typing in anything is a true effort for the user!
I am struggling to make comments and acknowledge comments left but can not make promise it will all get done efficiently. Please forgive me if I do not respond to all. I am trying to at least get to one of each of your images and send thanks for some of mine.
IT IS NOT THIS SITE (RB) for all who have pos…

HELP NEEDED! Personal suggestions?

Hi my friends here on the bubble,
I have noticed in the past weeks a few other journals written about this matter. I now am asking for your help and your opinions.…

I recently bought a new monitor, going from a 15" on my laptop to a 22 inch. It felt wonderful being able to sit straight and work rather than shoving my nose into the monitor of the laptop to see what I was doing and hope it came out all right!
I also just had my eyes done, and new glasses…you know us older folks need to do this for better vision! Actually my eyes have improved!

YET, now I am noticing that the images displayed here look fine during the daylight hours (even with our lack of light through all these storms). The color and lighting is good, on both mine and those I view. BUT when I am working here in the early morni

Please Bare With Me!

Life is a little busy right now, I am in the process of beginning a new website designed only for my digital works, hence separating the photography from such.
My web site became too cluttered, and overwhelming, so changes needed to be made.
Am busy taking on a new look, giving everything a new feeling, in an attempt to bring the clients on a more pleasurable journey!
With all the flooding we are still experiencing here as rain continues to fall daily, now is my opportunity to be still and work diligently!
Please bare with me if you notice I am not as active here for a while, but I do try to comment, leave thank you notes, and of course continue with my commitments to my groups!
Missing you all very much! See you again soon full time!

Grand Slam Features!

I am so deeply awed by the feature of my image Known Forever in three groups with the same host, Cats and Dogs and the group, Images of Endearment, and the group, Welcome to the Jungle! Thank you so very much Laura!

A Special Honor in Red Bubble Boomers!

Thank you so much to our host of Red Bubble Boomers for the wonderful honor of being featured Artist and having six of my images featured in this wonderful group!
I am so very honored, thank you Arlane!
The Paradox

Genuine Beginnings

What Lies Within

On a Spring Day

Oh Heart

Inspiring Moments

Featured in Art Universe!

What a nice way to come back home to the bubble after going through a few days with no power due to the storm Irene!
Thank you to the hosts of the group Art Universe for the feature this morning of my image Nature’s Peace! I am awed by the honor!

Featured in Cats and Dogs!

Yeah for Miss Kitty! She was featured this morning in the group Cats and Dogs! She is thrilled and I am honored, we both thank the group hosts tremendously!…she now awaits her morning treats! Salmon!

Featured in Art Universe!

Thanks so much to Kira for the feature of my image Altered Self Portrait in the group Art Universe. And a huge thank you for making this a permanent feature in the Meet the Members Gallery! I am so deeply moved!

Question-Group limits and Features

Can anyone tell me if when there is a limit of images in a group and we go in to delete the older images from that group, if the feature that group has given an image is also void at that time?
Something I have pondered, yet am unable to resolve in my own mind. Thanks for the help!

Featured in The Beauty of Nature!

A warm thank you to the hosts of the group The Beauty of Nature for the feature of my image A Gift For You! I am honored!
PS…will see “Little Fox” tomorrow at the rehab! Am so excited, sorry there will not be more images, for privacy reasons!

Anniversary Feature in Rainbow Bridge Group!

A year has almost passed since loosing my dearest Oliver. The tears continue to fall from time to time, yet I feel him near to me all the time! I would like to send a most sincere thank you to the hosts of the group Rainbow Bridge for the special Anniversary Feature of my image and writing, Dear Friends of Pamela-From Oliver LINK.
I am deeply moved.

Trojan Virus found in Java Update!

Beware of Java updates to your machine. All is NOT well in Java Land! Be careful it is signed by the Java Company legitimately! Mine is put out by ORACLE, will guide you through the process, a screen comes up also for YAHOO toolbar as well as an ad for OPEN OFFICE.
Not paying mind to the update yesterday, I installed what looked to be authentic, same Java logo and all. It was a fraud.
Just sharing this with you all. Not sure where it originated, but looks so very real, but thought about and realized the Open Office ad and yahoo were not part of the install which normally is the case.
Your anti virus should be able to efficiently and quickly remove this for you…please scan your machines if you think this may be a problem with machine instability, staggering and inability to load mail or image…

Please accept My Apologies

My friends here on the bubble,
I apologize sincerely if I have missed some of your works, if I have forgotten to comment or favorite your images, if I do not get back to you in the mail system as of late.…

Life takes us through journeys of many kinds, my journey at this time is not easy, but I am trying and being very mindful that this too shall pass.
Many upsetting factors have presented themselves in my life at this time, as well as my health taking a decline, and some upsetting diagnostic results pertaining to my health and my future. Personal issues of course have crept into the scene, leaving me a bit befuddled and upset. I am trying very hard to remain In The Moment.

So if I seem a bit distant, not grasping things entirely right now, please know I am not intending this. I, as always wi

A Moment of Gratitude

I write this journal with gratitude in my heart and valuable lessons learned here on RB. I also take this moment to be in awe of the many views received on this site.
I noticed today that I have had 100,998 views since my new membership in October of 2009, a mere 18 months ago. This is a huge accomplishment for me in such a small time frame.
I have been on RB since 2008, then under the name Joyous Moon (Ah, but the moon in me was sullen and dark), but left for a while due to system failure, returning using the name Nature Crossings.
It has been through the goodness of those who have helped me along, encouraged me to join groups, enlightened me about how to improve my images, and those who have continued to support me that I have met this achievement today.
It has also been very rewarding to …

Featured in The Addicted Photographer!

Seems the rains served their purpose. With chores done, the wildlife and birds fed, dogs tended to and no internet connection, what else is a person to do except grab the camera and tramp the woodlands in the pouring rains!
Thank you so much to the hosts of the group The Addicted Photographer for the feature of my image, Many a Calm River! I am honored, and yes truly addicted! Such a healthy addiction to have though!

Connection Frustrations

We are experiencing heavy rains, sudden electrical storms, and high winds here in the past two days, expected to continue through the weekend. Being on Satellite is most frustrating in the bad weather as the service is guaranteed to go down at any given moment without warning!

If I do not comment, please be patient I will catch up soon, it just means I have no access to the site. I may go into town with the computer this week to the library and hook in there just to catch up on all my work here and on my other sites.

Have a great week, hope the sun is shining and it is warm or at least comfortable for all of my friends out there…I am back in sweatshirts and warm socks to keep this old lady warm in the cold rains! LOL!

Love to you all,

Please Welcome Ayan Ghoshal!

Please welcome a most talented artist on Red Bubble, Ayan Ghoshal! LINK
Ayan and I have become acquainted through our art on another site…his art amazes me with the deep inspirations behind all he creates!
I asked Ayan to join us here at the bubble, relating to him this one of a kind community that is unsurpassed by any! Hence he has joined us and is just learning his way around.
Please view his profile page HERE
Also I ask that as you go along and see his work, please take a moment and direct him to groups to join for his artworks! Let’s all give him the community spirit here on the Bubble!
Thanks much, and Welcome Ayan!

Am I NUTS????

This is for HOSTS of the groups here on Red Bubble. Have they removed the MODERATION button from the groups this morning, or am I NUTS? I realize I have been very ill over the past week and not been here much, but I was lost this morning when I could not find the button inside the groups to moderate. It meant leaving the group after I was done checking challenges and the clicking on the 8 works to moderate in the side tab of my activity page!
Please let me know if others are having this problem or if it is just me?

Featured in Disability and Beauty Group!

Thank you very much to the hosts of the group Disability and Beauty Group for the feature of my image Pain and Foolishness! I am so very honored, as today is a day filled with personal pain on the home front. This helps greatly to lighten the heavy load of the sorrows which life brings forth!

Please Welcome a New Member to RB!

I would like to introduce to you a new member of RB who has come here to enjoy the community with us and share her work that is so splendidly created!
Alanna is a painter, and a fine artist at that! We met on another site, and I recommended to her that she join the warm and welcoming community filled with a wide variety of art genre to share her work!
Please welcome Alanna


Court Disaster!

It has been an awful day! Hours in the courtroom…I never got a chance to say a word! All his say so, his yelling at me until I was reduced to tears, and shaking in fear! This is how a trial is run? Only one person gets to speak their end?
The case was dismissed! He was charged with not a damn thing! All charges were dropped! He was told to pay restitution for my camera, but has two months to do so! If he ever pays it I will be surprised.
He tried to press charges against me for trespassing, wanted me in jail! There were no posted signs, I was innocent, the judge thankfully ignored his request to arrest me!
I was made a fool of when his anger arose and he once again lunged at me yelling in Polish. As I stood there trembling and in tears, trying to hold back my impulse to run like hell, the ju…

Court This Morning!

Mother Nature is cranky this morning here in the Catskills!
Dense fog, icy roads, heavy rains sheeting more ice, and gale force winds erupting! NOW I must leave for court once again and hope the jerk shows up and does not delay this by having the sheriff retrieve his shady butt to bring him in on contempt, as court has NOT been canceled this morning!
In the mean time I must journey down this rugged mountain pass in the elements to make sure I arrive in time.
Should they close our road as the stream is raging with powerful thaw and ice jams, I will attempt to make contact here from the library in the town I am going into! Not an unexpected problem as the road will in all probability slide and flood, we are under severe flood watch here! As temps climb eventually today this stream and the rive…

Links to your site..Please Read!

Hi all my friends here on Red Bubble!
My stand alone website has just made it possible to set up custom pages, which now enables me to place a LINK page on my site. I have just begun setting this page up, but feel free to browse and see what has been done thus far. Anyone interested in my placing a link to your stand alone site, red bubble site, or another site where you display your work, please contact me here on the bubble. I will be glad to place a short description of your work, and the clickable link to your site. Please choose the site you wish listed carefully…one site listing per person!
You may view the site at this LINK
Thanks, and hope this will help the viewings of all who join in!

Featured in Inspired Art!

Wow! Another great feature for this artwork! Thank you so much to the hosts of the group Inspired Art for the joy the feature of my image Abduction in the Mountains has brought today! I am awed!

Featured in Spaniels Forever!

A great way to start my day! Thank you so much to the host of the group Spaniels Forever for the feature of my image Only Her Groomer Knows! I am honored and Rosie sends a thank you as well!

Be Gone for a week...

Just letting all my friends know that I will be away from RB for a week, beginning Monday 2/7/2011. Will be checking in only for mail and to do my groups. Company will be here for the week, and I just will not have time to comment or post…will see you all again when I get back the following Monday. Will miss you all very much!
Keep smiling and laughing and most of all creating!

Featured in Layered with Texture!

Thank you so very much to the hosts of the group Layered with Texture for the honor of featuring my image Simple Gifts…AND for the The feature on the Permanent Feature Page-Women of the World LINK
I am so honored, thank you so much!

Features for Sea Wind!

I am ever so grateful for the wonderful features of my image Sea Wind by the groups Inspired Art and for the front page feature in Live Love Dream Thank you so very much to the hosts of these groups! I am so honored!

Such Exciting Features!

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude first to the group hosts of Inspired Art for featuring my work Sit In Reverie, and also to the hosts of the group Layered with Texture who have placed my image Sit in Reverie on their Permanent Features Page…I am awed by these honors!

I won!...the first round

I nagged the courts today, until they probably just did not want to hear from me or anyone else either!…

Informed them I plastered their actions all over the internet…they probably had to look up that word, as they are clueless..LOL! Told them I was calling the papers, and the local TV station to see if they were interested in a story of corruption!

Guess what…they adjourned it until next month to accommodate me! YES! I am woman hear me roar! Indeed I have been roaring all day in a dignified fashion to the courts and papers of course…but I won the first round.

Next month will tell the truth of the courts when the trial will take place for this man. The papers will be there by the way! LOL! I am loving the energy boost I have gotten from a taste of success in standing up for what is right,

Social Injustice

Morning friends…I need a place to vent this morning, I have been still long enough. I apologize in advance for any rough statements made here, my anger has the best of me. I may very well end up in legal trouble before this is all over.…

As many know I was attacked physically, threatened to be killed, and suffered property damage from a man who surprised me when I was taking some images this past summer of some old ruins.

This case has been pending in the courts since August, each time with the man screaming “I cannot talk English, I need a translator, I need a lawyer” Yet he had no problem speaking English to me the day he demanded I get out of my car, telling me he was going to kill me!

Tomorrow is the trial. Unfortunately, I fell last week, and then had an accident last weekend with my

Hey Friends

Please forgive me if I fall behind somewhat. I am resorting to typing with one hand…sorry if the comments are sloppy.
Had a slight accident, fell coming into the house, jamming the shoulder and perhaps fracturing my wrist…with the snows I could not get to the hospital.
Managed to shovel out this morning one handed, and will be going in for assessment as soon as I can manage to dress and ready myself.
Be back later, but for now must not put any further stress on this wrist and hand.

Featured in Remember When!

A wonderful and warm thank you to the host of the group Remember When for the feature of my work Forever a Rainbow! I am honored by the recognition of this piece, special to my heart!

While I was Absent

Though I was gone from RB for a while, my work continued to be featured, I would like to take this time to share this with my friends here on RB…so good to be back!
Digital Art Compilations
Offerings in the Forest

Seasons Change
Exhausted Garden Gnome!

Spaniels Forever
Dear Friends of Pamela-From Oliver

Cats and Dogs
Dear Santa…I am always very Good!

Covered Bridges Plus
Icy Stream Crossing

Bubblers Weekly Challenge
Dear Santa…I am always very good!

Spaniels Forever
Dear Santa…I am always very good!

Spaniels Forever
Dear Santa…Now I lay Me Down to Sleep

First Feature of the New Year!

Yes! Thank you so very much to the hosts of the group Inspired Art for the first feature of the New Year of my image Kindred Moon You will never know how special this particular feature is to me! Thank you again!

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait