Featured in A Little Bit Country!

Yeah…been home here on RB for only a few days now, and feel so honored by the feature in the group A Little Bit Country of my image Pine Hill Firehouse…Thanks you so much to the hosts, I am elated and so excited to be back!

Features and Thank yous!

Wanted to get the most recent features posted, and extend a courteous thank you to all hosts!
Thanks so much to the hosts of the group A Home Somewhere for the feature of my image Olana-Home of Frederic Church. I am most honored!

Thank you so much to the hosts of the group Doggie and Kitty Paradise for the special feature of my image of Rosie, Dear Santa…Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.
We are so honored!
Pamela and Rosie

I will be leaving until further notice

Hi my friends on RB.
Unfortunately, I will be leaving this site except for my hosting responsibilities and to pick up mail. I have had enough and have been one of the more patient people on this site regarding the changes.
Change is change, we live it every day, but when we are told that images must be tagged properly, as well as designated to a category, and then to find out weeks later after going through pages galore, that half never saved? NOT ME!
I spent weeks updating every page, one image at a time, tagging accordingly, choosing a category, removing my old web site banners, and even replacing some images.
Today as I was working in my images to add some links to certain images, I thought at first “Oh I missed this one”…but then there was another and another, not in any particular order …

Features for this Morning 12/11/2010

Thank you so much to the hosts of the group A Place to Call Home for the honorable feature of my image Fine Victorian Country Home! I am thrilled!

A warm thank you to the hosts of the group Cee’s Fun Artsy Friends for the feature of my image Winter Apple Tree! Such a wonderful honor!

A most appreciative note of thanks to the host of the group Country Roads for the feature this morning of my image Lowered Visibility! I am honored!

A sincere thank you to the host of the group Old Barns-Gristmills-Covered Bridges for the feature of my image Stormy Ride! Most appreciated!

What a morning it has been, thank you again to all the hosts for the wonderful features!

Featured Twice!

A wonderful and warm thank you to the hosts of the group Disability and Beauty Group AND the group hosts of Your Magic Place For today’s feature of my image Making Peace Within. I am bubbling in delight!

My Apologies

Hi Friends,
Please accept my apologies if I miss some of your work, or do not comment immediately, I will get back to everyone soon.
Things are a bit hectic here right now, many outside issues need tending to, and my time is stretched beyond reason, with little sleep in the schedule. I am like a chicken running in circles right now.
I am taking today off to tend to things, and hopefully find a stream to ponder mindfully the quietude I need to find once again. The world and its callings will just have to wait half an hour while I compose myself and still my overly busy mind for a while.
Have a great day, and I will be back on track here with comments in a few days.
Thanks for your understanding,

Where Have all the GROUPS Gone?

Couldn’t sleep this morning, so thought I would go through the groups, see if there were new groups to join, leave those groups I no longer use, and join some new groups. Only thing is I can no longer find the list of GROUPS to join!
Anybody have any idea where they hid this on us?
I tried searching it came up only with a limited few groups that had nothing to do with where my images would be accepted. There was no list, no link, no area to browse the groups, opening each individually to join?
Where has our community gone?

Features for today 11/14/2010

Thanks so much to the host of the group Beautiful East Coast (USA) for the feature of my image Morning Safety

AND my image Pine Hill Firehouse

AND to the host of the group Barns-Gristmills-Covered Bridges for the feature of my image The Forgotten Grist Mill

I am deeply honored by all, thank you very much!

Red Bubble Uprising

This morning, my world of RB seems more like a battleground for a major revolution. The comradeship seems diminished, artists have turned into lynching mobs, the focus of this site has been temporarily lost.
As one who tries not to involve myself in drama on this or any other site, I must at this time ask one simple question to all those who are appalled at the new structure of Red Bubble.
Can any of you who are so involved in lynching the new structure, write the scripts, design the graphics, and insure the integrity of a web site as large as this? If your answer is yes, please contact the company and offer your services!
If your answer is NO, then please read on.
As a script writer, educated graphic designer, and an independent web site designer, I assure you designing a site this intrica…

Featured in All Blends!

What a day this has been for features! Thank you so very much to the hosts of the group All Blends for the feature of my image Forever Free and Wild! I am so honored!

Featured in A Little Bit Country!

Wow, this morning has been wonderful…perhaps the omen of a great day to come! Thank to the hosts of A Little Bit Country for the wonderful feature of my image Home in the Mountains! I am thrilled!

Not Nice to Try to Outwit Mother Nature!

I sit here smiling, knowing Mother Nature has had a good laugh on humankind this morning!
While it may be a bit chilly and indeed the winds are blowing from the north, Mother Nature has shed her light on the beauty of Autumn with blue skies, white fluffy clouds, and sun shining all over! Ha! Take that Weather People of the area!
The birds are flying about, fluttering their wings, the squirrels are agitating me trying to steal all the little birds foods, but there is much gratitude to be had in a day filled with light, color, and love from the Universe!
Have a great day everyone!

Please Read-Weather Problems in NY

Hi Everyone,
If I do not get to do comments and thank you notes over then next few days, please be patient. We are due for 2-4 more inches of rain tonight. and more tomorrow into Saturday with Gale force winds, and stream flash floods. Living so close to the stream, with many old woodlands behind the house, I need to spend the next hours preparing for light outages, flooding, and possible tree damage which means grabbing the dogs and taking cover. The road here will not be accessible once the rains start, so I must prepare here the best I can.
Hopefully I will be able to get online, but I never know with a satellite system for connection or the inept power company here.
Be well, and I will return when I can.

Featured in The Birds!

What a delightful surprise! Thank you so much to the hosts of the group The Birds for this morning’s feature of my image Delightful Great Egret! I am so honored!

Peeled Image of the Month!

What a great pleasure and honor…haven’t been called a Peeler before, but a great experience it is having my image Grounded Forever chosen as the Peeled Image of the Month in the group The Art of Peeling Paint! Thank you so much Bob Hortman for choosing my image!

I Made Homepage today!

What a surprise, this is a first for me! I am still in shock over the BMail I got telling me my “Buggy” image made the home page today! I would like to thank all of those folks on RB who voted this image in!

Featured in Berries, Fruits and Seeds!

A warm thank you to the hosts of the group Berries, Fruits and Seeds for the feature of my image The Seductive Apple! I am so very appreciative! I am sure by now though the deer have made a meal of an inciting piece of fruit just hanging around! LOL!

Can anyone help this idiot photographer please?????

After having my Canon camera destroyed this week in an act of violence against me, I was able to replace it today with a different brand and what I feel is a much less camera. I am stumped…Bought a KODAK Z981 with 14 MP and 26x optical zoom. It shoots in RAW format…between my computer, myself and Photoshop…none of us seem to recognize this language the new camera speaks!
Can anyone here help me figure out how I get the images I took to test the camera off the camera and onto the computer?
The manuals both included and online are made for the snapshot person, nothing more nothing less. I have scoured the settings, they seem crude compared to the Canon and limited to say the least. Does anyone know how to further refine them shooting in manual mode?
If anyone can help me at all I sure would ap…

Featured in The Birds!

I was so excited to see that Heron was featured today in the Group, The Birds! Thank you so very much to the hosts of this group, I am honored…and so is heron!

Oliver is Featured again!

Oliver and I thank the group hosts of Live and Let Live from our hearts for the lovely and thoughtful feature dedicated to Oliver at the time of his departure from this earth.

Sold a card!

The day begins with sun and bright color today! I sold a card of my image Sweetness Shared

to a member here on RB, John Scates! LINK.
A warm thank you to John, this has brought sunshine into my day!

Awed by the Kindness on RB!

I am in awe of the warm and compassionate kindness shown by those who have left such beautiful comments regarding the loss of my dear Oliver. I have cried while reading each one, and have silently told Oliver of the love pouring forth! I can not thank you all enough, you mean the world to me, for I have no support on the outside of this site. It amazes me how people I have never met and will probably never meet except through this portal have so kindly reached out in such a comforting way to me in this time of loss.
To each one of you, please know I am ever grateful and will never forget the generosity of your compassionate spirits!
Hugs to everyone,

Regarding the Almshouse Series...Please read

I do not usually plug my work from other websites here, nor do I solicit the viewing of any certain images elsewhere, for this is a community of artists trying to find exposure and hopefully sales. My loyalties remain here even though I do venture out with my work to other sites.
I felt rather than posting the images I took with explanation in full here, that perhaps it would be better to offer the link to my official website where all the images are now posted with explanation.
I have a deep feeling within about the tour experience I had while visiting the Almshouse, my emotions were heavy and the tears flowed as I felt myself fall back in time, absorbing the days long passed, yet never abolished from history. After all how could those days and lives be forgotten. I was touched with such …

Thank you my friends!

An incredible journey last night, with me and my “Ollie Magee”! He was so excited that we were out, as it had been days, and not to mention without Rosie in the car! I sang to him as we drove as I do when we are out. He sang along with me in his melodious soft howls keeping up with my beat. He sat and watched out the windows, his nose inhaling every last scent of early summer on a humid and balmy evening. Though it was an hours journey, we were still early for our dreaded appointment at the doctor. We strolled the mountain roads, stopped for a walk, got a drink from the stream…all the things we normally would do when out. He was such a happy dog for this passing hour of our journey! His eyes gleamed as the birds sang and the geese honked, his ears perked as the crows cawed. It was wonderf…

Please Keep Me In Your Thoughts This Evening?

My many friends,
As you all know, I am not formally religious, yet very spiritual. I ask a favor from each of you today, please keep both my dear cocker spaniel, Oliver, and myself in your thoughts. Please send positive thought, loving energy, and healing powers from any source you may have faith in.

Tonight we make a dreaded trip to the vets to see if there is anything left that can be done to keep him with me. If not, he will leave me this evening, our journey will need to come to an end.
I am a wreck the past few days, trying so hard to continue here and on my website, trying to work locally, raising money for this journey to the doggie doctor. I find myself in tears, crying uncontrollably most minutes of the very long days and nights.
If I have missed commenting, or congratulating…

Some help me solve this riddle in nature please?

Yesterday while walking along a stream, I cam across something I have not yet witnessed.
There was a newborn, still with traces of birthing material on it, and a six point buck cleaning it as it lay in the tall grasses! I actually zoomed in on the bucks private area to be sure it was not an abnormality in the deer, and that this was not a female with a rack I was looking at! Sure enough it was a male.
Once I took a few more steps the buck nudged the fawn to get to its feet, ready to flee from me for safety. The little one got up, and followed closely, only to tire quickly and lay down again. The buck frantically attempted to get this fawn to its feet again, did so, and took it to the trickle of the creek, almost as if to show it how to drink from the waters!
I was amazed watching this trans…

View at the End of a 12 Gauge Shotgun!

Thought I would share this with my friends. I know you will all appreciate it and get a few laughs.
My favorite barn from 35 years back, one that I have spent endless hours photographing inside and out finally blew down last week in a wind storm. The only thing that now remains is the mortar and field stone foundation, with debris scattered about.
I photographed this barn along with some things I found there, (A few photos were posted here), about a month back, with permission of the caretakers.
Today was a cooler day, perfect for photographing the remains, the last photos I fear I will ever get. I checked in with the caretakers, only to be frantically motioned to get back in my car!
From the barn came the owner, furious they had ever let me photograph HIS barn! City slicker that he is, has p…

Featured in Snow Days!

Just Wait till Spring was featured in the group Snow Days! A hearty thank to the group moderators for this feature! I am honored and also glad Spring has finally arrived!

I am sooooo Sorry!

It seems that after cleaning my site here on RB over the past few days, that by sending all my winter, snow and ice images to the back and sending other spring and summer seasonal images to the front of my pages, many of you are seeing these as NEW POSTS! I had no idea this would happen, just wanted tidy pages with more appropriate seasonal images now…enough snow already for New York!
I had no idea this would be the result, that they would show as newly posted. I guess that also happens when images are hidden and then released, as this has been the case also.
PLEASE anyone seeing they have already commented on yesterdays images, feel free NOT to feel obligated to comment again…I am so soooory for this mix up! Guess you learn every day!
Have a great day,

Anyone else having a problem with the pages?

I can’t be sure whether it is here on RB or Firefox. I had an update to the new version of Firefox tonight and after that, all has been crazy trying to leave comments or replies here. Even hitting the send button for the mail is nuts! Keeps telling me it could not be done because there was no text in the box! or it says the page does not exist!
Anyone else out there going though this?

Featured in Falling Leaves!

Wow, a second morning feature in another wonderful group here on RB! Thanks so much to the moderators of the group Falling Leaves for featuring my image In a Huddle! I am so appreciative!

Featured in Blooming Trees!

What a bright way to start the day, my image, Springtime Magnolias, being featured in Blooming trees! Thank you so much to the moderators of the group Blooming Trees for this wonderful feature!

New Group Announcement

Hi friends!
To all who have a stand alone website there is a new group Smallfox and I have just started. This is a group to help promote the artists here on Red Bubble! Please check it out and if interested contact either Paul or myself through the Bmail system! Hope to see you there! Here is the LINK

Featured in ADAWG

Thank you so much to the group moderators of ADAWG for the wonderful feature of my artwork As I Looked UP! An honor for me and Abbey as well! Much appreciated!

Hi Friends...won't you join Kathy and I?

Kathy (Katseye) and I have started a new group named Woodpeckers from Around the World Won’t you all please join in the fun with your wonderful images? We would love to have you come and join in the fun! Here is the link to Woodpeckers from Around the World! LINK
See You all there!

Featured in Who are You to Judge!

Wow! My first feature ever in this wonderful group! I thank the moderators of the group Who are You to Judge for the wonderful feature of my image Realism vs. Photomanipulation! A great way to start this day!

More than a double feature, an honor

I would like to thank the moderators of BOTH
FREEDOM TO SHINE and ALL ORIGINAL BLENDS for the feature of my image Silent Songs. This is much more than a feature, it is a heartfelt joy, as the special meaning behind this image within has been recognized. I wept when reading about the features in the comments…I cannot thank you all enough.

Placement in Challenge!

Thank you so much to all who voted for my image Sun Dried Tears in the challenge of Your Best Barn Shot. Much appreciated fellow members of the group Barns & Old Grist Mills and Covered Bridges!

Congratulations also to the winner of this challenge, mcafeej with their image Ivy Barn

Featured in ADAWG!

Thanks so much to the moderators of the wonderful group, Abstract Digital Art & Writing for the recent feature of my work, Taking it to the Top! I am truly honored!

Honored in the Photo Manipulators Group!

Serious business first…I would like to thank the moderators of this inspiring group, Photo Manipulators for finding my image, Consoling Serenade worthy of being named
“Manipulation of the Day! I am so very awed by this honor!
Now a word that should make you all smile. Everyone here knows I was in recovery for many years, (and continue to recover for the rest of my life) and under therapeutic care for various disorders for almost twenty two years. As I went through a “Mindfulness Program” my doctor suggested I enter, one of the biggest things stressed was learning not to manipulate and not to allow others to manipulate….find a mindful solution!
Indeed, if we still had contact he might be proud to know that I found a positive outlet where manipulation is A-okay! LOL! Kind of ironic, I thought!…

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