When There is No More - Final Page

Final Thoughts after the days of isolation from Hurricane Sandy… Snow is coming tomorrow and the day after; high winds again will rush through the trees. I needed some food for a few days so I traveled to the store for bread and tomatoes, a little jar of mayo, and some soup mixes. It was embarrassing walking through the store with wrinkled clothing, no bra, and hair tied up in a schmattah! I could only hope no one would realize I had slept in these clothes for many days.(most of my clothing is full of mold, I cannot have that on my body) It was just too cold in here to strip down and change…hence no bra either…too bad, I will catch up with Otto Titslinger soon!
No heat at all last night, with temps dropping into the low 20’s. I was actually grateful for a “hot flash”! The generator bombed out after the gas which my son in law put in it had water in it…so I froze all night long into this morning.
Back to the groceries, for this is where the story will end my friends. When I got home, I put my bags on the table and began to sort to keep cold things in a bin on the porch; non perishables went in the pantry. Something was out of place in here; something was not quite as it was when I had left only a few hours ago. I checked the dogs and they were fine, curled on the bed sleeping peacefully. I looked over at Luna (the tree carved heron) and realized there was something in my ear range which was different…OMG I heard water dripping! That old as mold faucet that was to be replaced three years ago was dripping water forth into the stainless sink! I ran over and turned on the faucet, and surely the water ran freely! Thank you Luna for making me aware!
You see, the main circuit to the house is off, has been since they tried to connect the generator the other day. BUT, the well pump runs on another meter all of its own. So power has been restored today, November 6, 2012. I will not have power in the house until the son in law returns from work to reconnect everything, but at least I know it is now available to the house.
YEAH! I am going to take one long hot shower, and sleep with heat to comfort my bedraggled body, nestled snuggly with my two dogs, who have been every much a survivor as I have!

Oh my friends, gratitude runs high, my faith strengthens, and my love of life has returned full speed ahead. Though I have much to do in the next weeks, between sorting through ruined items in the house, cleaning what I can, and trying to return to a normal lifestyle once more, I anticipate the hours of physical stamina I will once again have.

Dedications…I would like to thank a few special friends whom have made this tiresome journey more bearable. I thank them for their concern, their love, their thoughts, and their friendship.
Ed, Thank you so very much for your kindness and your extension of friendship, you have been most understanding. Our chats in the evenings furthered my courage. I will anticipate meeting you in person soon, so we can formally become neighbors in The Catskills!
Byron, My heart says thank you to my older brother who encouraged me and was empathetic to my situation. We have traveled similar roads, which made your understanding special in my spirit.
Linda, thank you so much for being my friend. As you listened to my heart, while wiping away my tears long distance, I was greatly soothed. Thanks also for listening to my anger and helping me place it properly…like in the trash!
Betty, thank you for all the warmth you extended, for your patience, and the care you have shown. I will always remember your kindness of your spirit. And thank you most of all for aiding Luna to come home with me!
Megan and Andy…thank you so much for your understanding, for your care, and your thoughts. My daughter, I love you…and I even love that egg headed son in law of mine!
And thank you to all my friends here on RedBubble who sent mail with well wishes, have left comments over the past weeks, and have kept me gently in your thoughts.

I now ask that anyone reading this please just give a moment of silent spirit to lend nurturing to those who still suffer, to those who suffered much greater loss, and to those still in the dark and the cold. May the Great Mother shine her love upon you all, and bless you with the dawning of a new day.

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