When There is No More (part 4 of 8)

Fourth writing of a series of eight of thoughts and dreams during Hurricane Sandy.

Thought…It is early morning, my thoughts keep turning to the mail received yesterday. It was the first time I could access the post office all week. Much to my ire, there sat a letter from our utility company. I burned as I read their pompous statements of how much they were doing to restore power. I grew hotter inside as I read how those of us in least populated areas would be last to be restored, as the population did not warrant first responses! Why? We are not as cold and loosing just as much as the guy in town? A freezer full of food went out to the carrion eaters, spoiled by the lack of energy from the power company. My winter clothing has mold growing densely on it already, even my winter boots and underwear are now tainted with mold clinging to them! And then it dawned on me what that letter from the company had truly represented. Approximately 250,000 people were out of power to receive this letter. At .45 a letter to post, the amount comes to somewhere around $112,000.00! That does not include the trees destroyed for their lousy paper, the gas consumed for delivery of such letters, my gas to pick this garbage up from a post office 7 miles away, as there is no rural delivery. It does not include the power used to generate their computers to process this vile letter, or the manpower paid to process such! Oh I saw red, what a waste of money, resources, and people power!
There are no local resources for the elderly, the indigent, and the disabled to even get ice to keep foods cold. The nearest dry ice station is almost an hour away! The nearest shelters and food caches are a minimum of half hour travel by car. They have halted “Meals on Wheels” for shut in people. Why? They do not need nourishment? The company in power, and many more, the politicians, the system in this country needs some very fine tuning to adjust the many huge flaws here in America!
That $112,000.00 that the utility company wasted sending out their dumb ass letters telling us all something anyone with a lobotomy could figure out, could have helped the people without, the old, the lonely, the dying, the sick and disabled. But no they send out a fucking letter, so next month they have grounds to raise our utility costs again! Bastards!

Dream…Trains thundering down the mountain pass where the old steam engines once ran in the 1800’s. Loud, deafening noise that seems to come closer to the house with each twist and turn penetrates the spirit with fear of collision. The wolves form their protective stance, staring out the window, watching as trees shudder with anger outside. The walls bulge, windows crack, wood framing screams in agony as the train comes too close to the shelter with the wolves and the girl inside. Silence falls suddenly, an eerie silence that warns of ominous conditions. And then just as suddenly, the roar picks back up, shaking the earth, the shelter, and the trees. Trees crack, falling with heaviness down the back mountain. Screaming sounds echo through the mountain passages, the wolves throw themselves atop the girl, covering her body, safeguarding their leader. Contractions of the earth and winds continue, all other sounds are blocked from normal hearing with the thunderous roaring of the trains. Cold, so cold, drifting the girl sits up finally knowing it is the Great Mother not trains as in her dream. She fears the wrath the Great Mother is spearing toward her earth, her gifts of life. Tears flow in grief, wondering what will remain when the light comes with a new day.

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