When There is No More (part 3 of 8)

Third part of this series of 8 writings during Hurricane Sandy

Thought…BRAINS…It seems quite apparent that as humans we were blessed with hands to work with, legs to travel upon, and most of all a brain to bear logic, wisdom, and empathy to our fellow beings. Somehow, some place in time, it feels as though mankind has done a transplant of sorts. Ah yes, that is what it is, the brain cells were removed, paper money and plastic cards replaced those functions. Worldly goods and the craving for such took root in the center of the brain, the center known as “I”. Empathy and compassion no longer take much form, as though the brain transcended its own lack of frontal lobe, eliminating emotion of all too many.

Dream…The KKK, white robes, and vindictive posture, evil lurking in their shadows; appear under the remains of the Grandfather Tree. They watch, lighting torches, and as they approach, screams are heard through the mountain passage ways. The Mog-ur approaches them, speaking to the spirits of protection, and they are gone…much as the world may be some day in the future.

Thought…As I reach down, clutching my amulet, and my bone heron totem around my neck, I realize Heron People see differently, much as we live uniquely and in solitude many would consider isolation. A warm feeling runs through my body as the scents of sweet grass, coltsfoot, comfrey, sage and other herbs rise from the small leather amulet. I am nurtured by the feeling of the precious stones near to my heart and the heron pendant that seems to come to life, brushing my breasts with his feathers. I need water, for my spirit, the stillness of marshes and ancient wetlands. I need to be at one with my totem, with the Great Mother, discovering the journey yet to come in life. Tomorrow I will walk the small pond where Luna and Lora once nested and flew with grace. The heron’s nest beckons to me with the stillness of winter coming soon. Anger spews forth as I think back to the day the pair of Great Blues had been shot down, their two offspring left to die, and my desire to keep them alive. That was not meant to be, I am not a Medicine Woman. I claim no otherworldly powers, just a unique desire to live in peace with all the elements and the creatures of the earth.

Dream…”Look Papa, the big birds have returned!” “No Mama, I love you, I can’t breathe”. “Papa, help, I can’t breathe…good bye papa.” The little girl looked up through the murk of the waters at the pond, shadows gathering like a haze over her vision. She felt herself rising slowly through the waters, as though being lifted by an unseen force. The Great Blue laid her on the log at the pond’s edge as she wept and struggled for an easy breath. “Papa, where are you? Please come back, this girl is frightened!” The heron nudged her arm with his head as the sky seemed to illuminate. Heron stood gazing into the waters; the child assumed a similar stance and stared deeply as well. I was awakened at this moment to the sounds of two fishers fighting in the yard.

Thought…It had been a busy night. The bear had been here looking for food, he was on the porch clawing the screens as he had done once before. The old wise owl had sat behind the house calling into the night darkness. The coyotes called to one another from one hillside position to another, across the stream and back. All the signs lay before me regarding the future path of my journey, the creatures had been sent to direct me. It was up to me to put all the messages together and form a new road to travel.

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