When There is No More (part 2 of 8)

Part two of writings during Hurricane Sandy.

*Thought*….Greed, feelings of entitlement, and self-gratifying needs for more was the common view of humanity as I ventured to town eventually for some unspoiled milk and fresh bread. People cursing each other out, ranting at the clerks, complaining their TV was out, their computer was out, they needed more gas for generators. Credit cards appeared from pockets of every bank as people bought and bought, and bought, more and more and more. Rude, uncaring shoving and insults passed to those not as fortunate, the disabled, and the elderly.

I thought much on the way back up the mountain road about the attitudes, and credit cards, the intelligence the Great Mother had given us all to be compassionate, feeling human beings.
Credit Cards….Ha! A Lot of good they will do when there is no more, they will not help to find natural foods, to hunt or forage for the needs of the body. They will someday not give power to purchase warmth for the hearths…hearths? Ha again! Half these people would not know how to begin a warm fire with fire sticks, nor enough sense to keep one going from one day to another with the glowing coals stored properly. Some day credit cards would no longer supply them with medicines and doctors, and by then, the Healers will be gone as well.

Credit Cards….American Express, a way to put the American people on a quick roll to satiate their wants and desires…buy now, pay later…EXPRESS your desires! Discover .…oh yes discover the easy way to make life give you all you want, what a discovery! And there is *Visa*….the passage of rites of getting immediate gratification of worldly things…STUFF! And then of course you have Master Card…the master of all slaves that bring so many to the bowels of hell, stuffed up to their necks in debt from over abundance! Yes, credit cards, what will happen when they no longer hold any clout at all?

*Dream*….Flatheads (A clan known for their difference of genetic characteristics during the ice age), glaciers, clans, gatherings, and times before this country was ever dreamed about. Wild horses, Aurochs, great Cave Lions, wilderness and its inhabitants as most can never imagine roamed the lands. Spirit forces and worlds lost throughout millennia of time kept peace and order among the peoples. Foraging, hunting, and gathering, were all preparations for winters throughout the summer months. Winters brought a time for storytelling, learning trades, and preparing children for adult ways of life and ways of the clans. Babies were born, people died, blessings were received from the spirits that ruled the human race. Ceremonies prevailed to lighten the winter darkness and cold, gratitude was expressed through feast, rhythm, and dance. In this vision of the dream world, a feeling of love, tenderness, peaceful coexistence among members was apparent, warming my spirit as the dream lingered.

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