Dartmoor diary

Have had a short holiday in the Dartmoor area of Devon, a favourite location and only 80 miles away from home. We have just celebrated our ?th Wedding anniversary.

" Swept by the most extreme elements of our English weather, Dartmoor’s granite tors provide a marked contrast to the rich and gentle contours of Devon which surround them. Born in the primeval melting pot beneath the earth, they are the remnant core of of an ancient range of mountains, their weird and wonderful stacks shaped over the millennia by heat and cold,wind and rain.
For several thousand years, man has inhabited the moor and granite from the tumbled stacks which litter the hillsides has been used in the construction of homes. Remnants of hut circles from 2000 to3000 BC are numerous, whilst the ruins of ancient farms rub shoulders with their modern counterpart."

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