Getting caught up in the wrong crowd

i still remember her, she was still a girl really when it happened, she was about 12 still very much a girl. I guess by now your probably wondering were this story is coming from or even were its going. Well you see I am about to tell you a story about a little girl that went through things so horrific that you and me sitting in our cozy little homes sipping coffee would never in a million years imagine. They used to call this little brave girl Annie short for Annabel

You see the story starts with a girl and her brother. They were so close so very close you see they had no one else in the world but each other. There parents died in a horrific car accident when Annie was just seven .So as you can imagine it was pretty hard on Annie, but Annie did not feel it very much at the time you see she head her big brother Johnny, Johnny who was so brave and would never let her down. Johnny took care of his sister he scarified so much for her. when there parents died docs wanted to put them in social care but Johnny would not let them. He gave up school which I might add were he was doing very well, and got a job so that he could look after his little sister. Over the years they were some extremely hard time because lets face it Johnny was only fifteen and frankly he just didn’t get paid enough money to support him and his little sister. He tried though ,he tried very hard. Some nights he even slept after the whole day at work without any food. Just so that his sister could have shoes to wear to school . Through all this he never complained Johnny was a survivor and he was going to look after his sister no matter what and he did. In his sisters eyes he was truly and always was a hero

Despite all these bad time and moments in there lives Johnny and Annie stuck together. They were so very close when Johnny wasn’t working he would spend all his time with Annie playing with her and just loving her. Johnny did not have friends or mates to hang around like kids his age. He only had Annie and they stuck together like glue. One day everything changed though at first Annie who was about 12 now, thought things were changing for the better, because Johnny always had money now. When Annie asked were the money was coming from Johnny said that he got a pay raise ,but something in his voice made Annie think twice about his answer . Annie chose to ignore that little voice though she thought that she was being silly and that Johnny would never lie to her. Well she was about to find out how wrong she was.

Johnny started going out at night something that he never used to do before. Things started going from bad to worse. Annie’s precious Johnny started drinking. Instead of the fun loving brother Annie used to know, they was this overbearing ignorant abusive brother in his place He started beating her, blaming her for his crappy life. Annie could not understand what was happening to her beloved brother. He started smoking and using drugs. Annie could only watch as her brothers condition disintegrated. Annie realized that her loving brother was gone and in his place a shadow of the man he once was.

Then came that fateful day that Annie will always remember for as long as she lives. She can still remember it like it was just yesterday she can still hear the voice the ,voices that just wouldn’t go away. It started like a normal day her brother was drunk as was now usual. When two scary looking man knocked on there door. Annie still remember the way she timidly went to open the door not knowing that she was opening the door to what would be her brothers murderers. When she opened the door they demanded to see her brother. They shoved her out of the way and went directly to where he was slouched on the couch. They started shouting at him. When her brother would not respond. Annie saw one of the man take out a gun in slow motion and in a second, the second it took Annie to blink her eyes she herd gun shot . When she looked he brother was toppled over. Blood was every way he was bleeding like a pig.

Annie knew at that moment that she was in danger. She started running with tears streaming down her eyes for the brother that she had ounce loved so dearly, but was now gone. She could still hear the man running after her but she dint care she just kept running and since that moment in her life she never ever looked back.

People might say if only the parents had survived., if only Johnny hadn’t gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd. Maybe just maybe things would have turned out differently. I guess we will never know all we can have in this life is hope and not expectations

Getting caught up in the wrong crowd

natasha shoko

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prepare to be taken in by a story about a little girl who lost both her parents at an early age. left to be looked after by a brother who was barely an adult himself. read on and find out what happens to these two poor orphans

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