Grrrrrrr!!!!! That is IT!!

Having a major STROP…I mean BIG TIME strop…like no other!
My Tutor is being an A$S!

Seriously. I’m not just saying that, he really is being an a$s…

So, I get some wonderful comments re my work, like “absolutely wonderful work, perspective, tone and shade are perfect…just what I’d expect from you!”

And then I get a pass grade…JUST a pass grade….GRRRRRRRRR

I don’t WANT “just” a pass grade after the hours I put in, I want MORE, lol!

I am PACKING IT ALL IN if he doesn’t give me some reasons for the AMAZING comments, and the “just” pass grade!….the two are hypocritical!

What does he want to roll through his door…flippin Pablo P??!!



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