A weekend of debauchery (is that how you spell it!!!?)

Met up with Terry Waites and his lovely wife this weekend (fellow AW’er) in Woodhall Spa, Lincs.

Finally managed to get his paintings back to him, but more importantly, had a bloody good time watching the England footie match in a bar, then a lovely meal, followed by watching England thrash France at Rugby!

Was “supposed” to be taking in scenery, lol, but we caught up on that on Sunday, going to the Petwood Hotel to take in the beautiful building and grounds…then perused a couple of mini art galleries, and took a look at the smallest cinema in the world, “Kinema in the Woods”…believe me, you would NOT want to watch a scary movie in there…it really is right in the middle of the woods!

AW, for it’s faults, has been a great place to meet people..I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some members in “real life”….hope to meet more, from here also!

Cyber space can be a great place, can’t it!

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