Oh God…
I write this to You in Your Infinite Glory
And Far-Reaching Mercy.

Oh God..
I am lamenting the world, lamenting humanity.

They’ve tied an age-old rope into a knot,
And tightened it,
Tightened and tightened,
Thrown into the water and left to rot,
Buried under years of garbage and thorns.

And then, when the time came to untie the rope,
To better it and strengthen it,
It had to be found first, then dug up,
Then cleaned.

And by then, the knot was no more then a bundle of mold,
Too delicate to untie, no amount of work would restore it.

Oh God,
I am in mourning.
And to You I come for help.
I know that Your door never closes,
And humanity has too much on its conscience.

Oh God,
I place my faith in You,
And my hand upon your never-faltering rope.

I present you with humanities faults,
And request naught but Your Mercy and Your Aid,
Of which neither is difficult upon You to present to me.

My Lord,
My Refuge and my Light,
In You alone is my trust
So bring to me those I can trust,
And grant me of the virtues which help me to help all.

My Lord,
You are my Hope.

There is no god but You.

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