December 25th

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Yesterday, the funniest think happened to me!

I was telling my sister a very strange dream of mine, in which an unlikely teacher performed a chemistry experiment in one of my family’s small, glass bowls. Whatever it was that she put in there acted like an acid and completely ate through the glass, leaving a puddle of glop in its wake.

In turn, my sister told me her dream, about how she accidentally dropped the heavy glass plate of the microwave, and shattered one edge.

Now here some the funny part. During our discussion, I was microwaving some food for myself in one of our lttle, glass bowls. (The same kind I mentioned in my dream.) I covered it to keep my food from making a mess of the microwave. And, though I was standing right in front of the microwave, I became distracted and left it in for too long, long enough for it to bubble a little too much…

The bowl broke cleanly in half, right before my eyes!!!!!!

I don’t know how long I was lauging about it, but I do know that this was the funniest and most coincidental thing to ever happen to me. I think I there might have been so ESP going on between me and my sister. (Just kidding!)

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