RedBubble 2008: What a year it was ...

Bloody Nora – It’s 9 days til Christmas! I thought it was still November.…

So Christmas is dangerously close and before we know it, 2009 will be knocking at the door. Before you get distracted by devouring your own weight in pudding or burying yourself under wrapping paper, we want to hear how 2008 has been for you. The following questions have been collated by a team of expert panelists.

If you would like to post your own ‘year in review’, please copy the questions below into a journal and start crafting your responses. My answers are below.


State your name and your business
Nat. Giver of T-shirt Love

Tell us what you consider to be your RedBubble highlight for the year
Watching the T-Shirt Revolution Group grow, finding out the Sydney Morning Herald had been conta

writing entertaining journals

Fellow bubbler Darren Stones recently conducted some highly scientific research on journal topics and found that out of a sample of 800 journals, 268 were announcements about being featured.…

It got me thinking … what if you haven’t been featured? What do you write about then? Each of the ideas below link to examples of entertaining, informative and interesting journals written by other bubblers. If you can think of any other unique examples, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

  1. Interview a fellow Bubbler (Caanan)
  2. Teach us how to do something – write up a guide or a how-to (Chris Wahl)
  3. Show us your techniques or how you produced a recent work (Marilyn Brown)
  4. Tell us about your day job – do you have a secret life outside the bubble? (rubyred)
  5. Let us know about a creative project you’re wo

a very expensive t-shirt

About a month ago I embarked on a quest with three goals in mind:…

  1. to find out a little more about my fellow bubblers
  2. to encourage people to come up with some new tee designs
  3. to say thanks for all the RB community has given me over the past year

I invited you guys to design a t-shirt based on the theme ‘reveal yourself’. If I loved yours the most and wanted it in my wardrobe, I’d let you know so you could add an 800% mark up and then I’d buy it at that price.

And so the entries came flooding in

After many cups of coffee and much furrowing of brow I’ve finally picked a favourite. It was a tough decision but this tee fitted the brief perfectly. It reveals a little secret about the designer, I can see care and imagination has gone into the design and it’s beautifully illustrated …


a t-shirt revolution

Attention t-shirt challengers! We’ve been sleeping on Agent Provocateur’s couch for the past few months and he’s getting sick of us eating out of his fridge and drinking his Scotch. So that he may preserve the sanctity of his wonderful group, he’s leasing us a new apartment on the cheap, where we can play our music louder and have all night parties and stuff.

Once we’ve recruited a suitable amount of t-shirt revolutionaries, we’ll aim to hold regular weekend and speed tee challenges in our new group

We’d like to thank Agent Prov for his support and hospitality. We hope the ‘special relationship’ between the two groups continues well into the future!

Come and join your hosts in their quest to make better tees … you can start by dropping by the lounge for a beverage …

100 and a challenge ...

I’ve managed (by some miracle) to crack the 100 t-shirt sales mark. I know that there are loads of people on RB that probably do that in a month (I’m looking at you and your CCTV Government t-shirt Ross Robinson!) but if you’d told me I’d be able to do that a year ago, I’d have thought you were one of those crazy internet people who doesn’t spend enough time in the real world.…

To mark the occasion I’ve decided to throw out a little t-shirt design challenge with a difference. The main difference being that this one has a prize. I had all these crazy ideas about prizes. Helvetica DVDs, free t-shirts, gorgeous books on illustration and typography, free CDs etc. then I thought, you know what … this is going to cost a shedload to post from the UK and it’s coming up to Christmas … I reckon peop

nat and raae do a collaboration

Lately I’ve been playing with public domain pics quite a bit. It’s been part of a bit of a quest to try a few new things. I’m just reaching the point where I’m thinking about moving on to something else but before I left the world of PD behind, I decided to get in touch with another purveyor of PD, the very talented raae, to see if she was up for a collaboration of sorts.

The basic idea was that we’d provide each other with some files and then go off and see what we could create with each others selections. I braced myself, ready for pornography and guns. After a few technical hitches my files arrived:

  1. a nipple
  2. scissors
  3. a sunflower
  4. skeleton arms
  5. this thing

After some initial anxiety (what the hell was I going to make with nipples?), I embraced the randomness and got stuck into creating the a

Plans for world domination ... anyone interested?

It’s (nearly) beginning to look a lot like ……

At different ends of the world, the leaves have only just begun to fall or spring has only just sprung but the cold, hard truth is that those mince pies are already on supermarket shelves. We all know what’s just around the corner and in RB land, everything happens a little earlier to allow time for the elves to look after making and shipping our Christmas gifts.

So as our thoughts turn to our own wish lists and what we’ll be putting under the tree for friends and family, we thought we’d ease ourselves into facing the festive season wth a bit of a RedBubble gift guide. The gallery below features just some of the items we’d love to see under our tree this year (and some we’re thinking about purchasing for others). We hope our Mums are reading!


Design Police: Another 'Visual Enforcement Kit'

You may remember I posted about the Design Police’s Visual Enforcement Kit back in January. Well they have been at it again and the latest kit could be handy for those who would like to ‘offer some advice’ on both typography and t-shirt design. The latest kit offers handy advice including:

  1. Microsoft Word is not a design tool
  2. Comic Sans is illegal
  3. This type has been bastardised
  4. Legible from space
  5. Severe lack of creativity

Download the latest Visual Enforcement Kit and help bring bad design to justice!


Inspiration: Street Photography and Photojournalism…

Photojournalism and Street Photography are styles of photography that capture candid, and sometimes decisive or poignant moments. Street photography describes photographs taken in a public place, documenting life as the photographer sees it, while photojournalism describes the use of images to document a news story. The following images from talented RedBubble photographers demonstrate the storytelling nature of these styles:

Interesting Reading:

There are a number of topical debates surrounding photojournalism and street photography. Some argue that professional photojournalists are a dying breed while others claim that the growth of citizen journalism levels out the playing field and provides more opportunit

Introducing Lars: hand drawn type queen

I recently had a chat with Lars for the t-shirt blog and I thought that seeing as she’s such a talent, I’d whip up a journal so I could share the interview with those who may not have caught it.…

Lars stuns me again and again with her hand drawn type skills and quirky illustration style. We have featured her you, me, we t-shirt before on the blog and recently she took the top spot in the hand drawn typography competition with her pretty lady tee.

I asked Lars if she would mind giving us some insight into what makes her tick and just how she became such a talented individual. Good news for us. She said yes!

Which of your tees are you most proud of?

“Prism Party”, I love pastel colours and I’m a fan of slightly nerdy mathematical things & also “Lost your pen?” because I just think its

nat loses it over PAX

I got a bit excited about this PAX mosaic thing. It’s the best thing I think redbubble has done to attract and engage customers for a while. It’s a fun, interactive tool that will potentially bring more customers our way and get lots more art out there to the buying public.…

So tonight I got online and I had a scroll around, looking to see if some of my favourite stuff had been included. I spotted some great work I hadn’t seen before but as the minutes passed it slowly dawned on me. There are no t-shirt designs. Not one single one.

To quote John McEnroe – Are you serious!? Come on guys … this really is a bit rubbish. We’re not some tiny minority, sitting over in a dark corner on the site. We’re an important part of the community.

It’s been suggested on the forums that it may be a technical

support your favourite illustrators on drawing day

Howdy all,…

This Saturday is Drawing Day and I’ve been having a think about a few ways we can show our appreciation for the use of pen, pencil, pastel, ink etc. So here’s an idea. On Saturday, why not pledge to leave at least one comment on an illustration piece and favourite at least one sketch or scribble.

Whether it’s a pen and ink portrait, a masterpiece in marker, a quick sketch or some show off who owns one of those wacom tablets – it all counts, so make the effort to hunt down some of the drawing talent and let them know you like their style. If this sounds like hard work then I’ve made it easier for you by putting together a little gallery below of some of my favourites which I’m going to keep adding to over the next few days. Check their favourites and I’m sure you’ll find even mo

competition: hand drawn type t-shirts

Hello all,…

It’s Drawing Day next Saturday 7th of June so we thought we’d hold a little competition over in the Typography Group to encourage people to crack open the art supplies. To keep in the spirit of Drawing Day, we would like to see some fresh, hand illustrated type t-shirts!

some designs we love

Matt and I will pick our favourite and the winner will receive a $30.00aus RedBubble gift certificate (or equivalent in your preferred currency).

The best designs will also be featured on the unofficial redbubble t-shirt blog

  1. Designs must be mainly type based
  2. Work must be submitted on a t-shirt
  3. New submissions only (no existing designs)
  4. Enter as many times as you like
  5. Tag work ‘Drawing Day 2008’
  6. Must be hand drawn – can be tweaked/coloured using graphics programs
  7. The competition is open from

redbubble t-shirt blog

So I had some time on my hands over the long weekend and I got to thinking that we could do with somewhere we can plug the awesome work of RedBubble t-shirt designers.

If your work isn’t in the popular or featured tabs then it can very quickly slip into the abyss so I thought I’d start a little blog to showcase some of the fine designs on offer. It’s called bubbling under the surface and it’s an ’unofficial redbubble t-shirt blog".

There will be a mix of old favourites and some you may have missed first time around. If there’s any designs you think we should feature then please bubblemail me – I’m looking out for the hidden gems.

Let me know what you think!

Nat :)

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