writing entertaining journals

Fellow bubbler Darren Stones recently conducted some highly scientific research on journal topics and found that out of a sample of 800 journals, 268 were announcements about being featured.

It got me thinking … what if you haven’t been featured? What do you write about then? Each of the ideas below link to examples of entertaining, informative and interesting journals written by other bubblers. If you can think of any other unique examples, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

  1. Interview a fellow Bubbler (Caanan)
  2. Teach us how to do something – write up a guide or a how-to (Chris Wahl)
  3. Show us your techniques or how you produced a recent work (Marilyn Brown)
  4. Tell us about your day job – do you have a secret life outside the bubble? (rubyred)
  5. Let us know about a creative project you’re working on (onetonshadow)
  6. Show us something amazingly inspiring that you’ve seen on a blog (sjem)
  7. Tell us about a local exhibition or arts event (jumpy)
  8. Tell us about other creative things you’ve done in the past (nofrillsart)
  9. Review an RB product you’ve recently purchased (Cathie T)
  10. Alternatively, set fire to it and then tell us about it (Danny)
  11. Make something cool (Danny and Scott Robinson)
  12. Tell us about a competition we may be interested in (kathleen)
  13. Show us a load of pictures you don’t want to spam your watchlist with (Mark German)
  14. Before and after post production (Stuart Chapman)
  15. Tell us about your experience of life on RedBubble (Darren Stones)

Are there any others you can think of?

Journal Comments