Inspiration: Street Photography and Photojournalism

Photojournalism and Street Photography are styles of photography that capture candid, and sometimes decisive or poignant moments. Street photography describes photographs taken in a public place, documenting life as the photographer sees it, while photojournalism describes the use of images to document a news story. The following images from talented RedBubble photographers demonstrate the storytelling nature of these styles:

Interesting Reading:

There are a number of topical debates surrounding photojournalism and street photography. Some argue that professional photojournalists are a dying breed while others claim that the growth of citizen journalism levels out the playing field and provides more opportunities for the non-professionals. And in recent years, street photographers have had to face increased suspicion from the public and the implications of newly introduced anti terror laws. The following articles cover these issues:

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  2. Photojournalism today (BBC)
  3. Lament for a Dying Field: Photojournalism (NYTimes)
  4. Street photographers fear for their art amid climate of suspicion (Times)

If you’re looking for some tips and hints these links may be of interest:

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We’d like to hear from anyone who has experience in photojournalism or street photography. Have you got any tips to share or tales of extraordinary experiences? Perhaps you have an opinion on some of the topics raised above … Please feel free to post in the comments below.


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