support your favourite illustrators on drawing day

Howdy all,

This Saturday is Drawing Day and I’ve been having a think about a few ways we can show our appreciation for the use of pen, pencil, pastel, ink etc. So here’s an idea. On Saturday, why not pledge to leave at least one comment on an illustration piece and favourite at least one sketch or scribble.

Whether it’s a pen and ink portrait, a masterpiece in marker, a quick sketch or some show off who owns one of those wacom tablets – it all counts, so make the effort to hunt down some of the drawing talent and let them know you like their style. If this sounds like hard work then I’ve made it easier for you by putting together a little gallery below of some of my favourites which I’m going to keep adding to over the next few days. Check their favourites and I’m sure you’ll find even more. Alternatively, leave a comment below with your recommendations and we can all join in on the quest to support the illustrating talent on the bubble.

Share the love. (Virtually) hug an illustrator on Drawing Day 2008.

Nat :)

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