Thats Life

That’s life
We are still in Broome and have moved to another hotel, its bloody fantastic and has a brewery attached to it.
Two more days in Broome then off to the whale sharks.
We have decided to cut our trip a week short as me old mum is in hospital so we are now going to do the south of Perth another time. I was pretty amazed that Jetstar changed our flights without a problem. It only cost a few dollars more. I was expecting a fight. When we flew from Perth to broome by virgin I said to one of the staff that Jetstar was very poorly organised at Sydney airport and people missed their flights as there was not enough staff to check in baggage. She simply said, why do you think it only has one star.
A big cruise ship has arrived in town and there are too many people around so i might just stay at our lovely motel and investigate the brewery

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