Naomi Downie

Sydney, Australia

Artist, Poet when the mood inspires, Co-founder of Johnston St Jazz; community run jazz venue

art exhibition- sale

Having a great exhibition in Chippendale at the moment in Harrington
St gallery.
During the opening night my piece sold within the first 30min. unheard of in my art practice.
I really believed in this work and knew it belonged with someone and deserved a life beyond my bedroom.
I invited lots of people from work and different groups I am in. extended the nets wider then I have before. Someone from the jazz club I go to bought it.
email/ what’s up /paper invites and creating a Facebook event all helped in advertise it in my world. ended up with 12 friends coming and 7 dropping out at last moment.
all better then the time hardly any one showed.
In a group exhibition its not so bad but everyone needs to chip in and bring people to get a buzz and see your works get some coverage by people.
The jazz crew were very supportive and want me to have a bigger show of music themed art works. would love too nice to get the encouragement.

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