A little more information

Ok, how about a little more information?

I am not a full time photographer – I pay the mortgage etc. with my day job as a software engineer. I suppose that my film-based photography is a bit of a reaction against that; spending an evening sloshing thin strips of plastic around in chemicals is slightly different from sitting in front of a computer 9-5.

So, although I do have a digital camera, I currently prefer to work with film (I reserve th right to change my mind in the future!), both in 35mm and medium format. I shoot almost entirely in black and white and process/print the films myself in a darkroom area in the converted loft.

I tend to favour a Yashica FX-D SLR for my 35mm work (although I have a few other 35mm cameras too; maybe a future journal entry), and have started using a Rolleicord 1, Model 2 (from about 1935) for my medium format work (previously using a Lubitel 166B).

If you haven’t tried it before, processing your own black and white film is not as tricky as all that – it’s surprising how little money is required for the bits and bobs of equipment too. Film cameras are not expensive at the moment since everyone’s going digital ;-)

So, there you have it. Any questions?

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