The poison lies within you...

What has life become but merely a one way mirror I cannot tell the difference toward the left or the right.

My heart feels as if turned to stone and I cannot feel for Im overpowered with this mountain..

I long for an answer to lead me to my escape and somehow Ive come to realize what I long to run from lives from within me..

I am what is causing this misery, this soaring confusion, and this bitter anger..

Happiness and excitement lies beyond my grasp, so I stopped trying to reach it.

Water powers the sea, causing waves to guide the ocean, so I stand but as still as these waves tumble and toss me across this world..

A master it has become, for I do not guide my steps, I stand at the mercy of the demons around me. I look to the heavens for an answer, but feel ridicule..

I am alone, and that is the truth, I look to none for support and lean on none for comfort..

Those who come near I push away not out of desire, but to save them from my utter poison..

But here I see true love comes in all different ways

But what I feel for you goes beyond all of what is known

I believe in the unknown for Ive seen it with my own eyes

I trust in your words for they are so sincere

What I desire is what only you can give me

You are the one I long for, the one I love

I close my eyes and desire not

To wake from this dream

The one with you and me

I say forever and forever is what I mean

I give you my heart without a single doubt

I know this is real

I know you are true

Your kisses so sweet, your love so true

One look into your eyes, I feel ever more sure

Sure of your love and sure of your promise

Your everlasting promise as I lay in your arms

To never stop loving me

Never before have I let words enter my heart

Never before have I let my feelings run so deep

So deep my heart aches for you

So strong I would die for you..

Till I stand and curse this poison within me…

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