Boiling water... is he in labor.

Three young couples packed their four wheel drives with fishing gear, tents, sleeping bags etc., and headed for The Woodgate Beach National Park campsite for a fun weekend.

The girls prepared a salad and gathered twigs and logs to start the open campfire, while the boys did a bit of fishing.

If the boys did’t catch the whiting for dinner the girls had sausages on stand by.

One of the boys Brendan had a heavy catch. It was not a whiting.
It was a stingray and his friend John placed his foot on it as he detached the hook. He then picked up the stingray to toss it back into the water.
SWOOSH….The barb flicked quickly and sliced John’s hand.
‘OOO’ was called and arrangements were made to meet an ambulance at the Woodgate Beach general store.

Frank and Myra were holidaying at the Beach Shack next to the store. The were relaxed and watching Heartbeat on TV. when there was a loud knock on the front door.
It was a young couple, asking for boiling water and explained that their friend had his hand cut open by the barb of a stingray.

While Frank boiled the jug, Myra grabbed a blanket and a chair and ran downstairs with them.

John was running around in circles in the front garden and screaming a lot of naughty words. He was in agony.

Myra got his friends to force him onto the chair and the blanket was used as a restraint.

Bad language and thrashing around were on overdrive.

Myra got down on her knees next to John and in a quiet voice, explained that he was using a lot of energy and should take some deep breaths. She also said that his language was offensive and could he please stop F###ING swearing.

All the teenagers thought this was very funny…coming from the mouth of a lady.

As Frank appeared with the boiling water the ambulance arrived.

There was no mention of the incident in the local paper, I guess the story had a happy ending.

Soak the affected limb in the hottest water tolerable for two hours. Other sources of heat such as a high power spotlight, engine manifold covered with a damp towel or hot car hood covered with a damp towel can also be used with caution. An instant hot pack like the kind used in glove warmers may be a good thing to keep on hand in your first aid kit when venturing into stingray territory. An open flame of any kind is probably too dangerous to use due to risk of burning the skin but may be considered if great care is taken to avoid burning and nothing else is available. *Because stingray venoms are composed of heat-labile proteins, doing this will alter the tertiary structure of the polypeptide protein molecule by denaturing and thereby deactivating the poison. Ultimately this means that the venom will have less effect. Not only does the hot water help with the venom, but at the same time it will significantly reduce the amount of pain the victim is experiencing. Beach lifeguards sometimes keep buckets of hot water around the station on busy summer days – you could ask to use it. The venom will often become gel or jelly-like and ooze from the open wound—this is desired.

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