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Copyright Notice

COPYRIGHT NOTICE : © M. Campbell/TTMEGallery™
All works of art in this web site gallery are owned by the artist Mary Campbell doing business as TTMEGallery™ (Through the Minds Eye™ Gallery, My Minds Eye™Gallery, Garden Joy™ and DesignerTs™). The works displayed in my Galleries are protected under U.S. and international copyright laws and conventions. All images are digitally marked for identification and traceability. None of the images you see in this gallery may be used, downloaded, reproduced using any means, copied, linked to, or transferred electronically, without prior written permission from the owner.

REDBUBBLE Agency Use Copyright Release:
RedBubble Inc has been given a limited usage release to display the images I upload to their web site, for the purpose of marketing and to use the images in the production of work related to my commissioned sales generated from the galleries I maintain on Redbubble. This limited usage copyright release remains in effect for as long as I am an active member of RedBubble and our agency relationship remains active. Once our agency agreement ends, Redbubble must remove the items from their website and this release of copyright ends. While in effect Redbubble may display the images uploaded on its website, and use the images in the production of: Cards, Postcards, Posters, Photographic Prints (matted or framed), Books, Clothing designs as directed by me during the upload process. No other use other than the marketing and production from my commissioned sales from the galleries I maintain here on Redbubble are covered in this release.

Notice to any third party websites who wish to display my work, or link to the work I display on Redbubble will need to negotiate a separate written release from the owner prior to posting. This release only covers Redbubble, Inc. and its production vendors for the purposes defined.

Notice to Fellow Artists: If you wish to use any of my photographs, as a basis for your hand drawn art work please bubblemail or email me with the details and I can issue you a limited use release. Please be aware that the photography presented in these galleries is NOT available for stock usage in derived photographic or digital art works.

Notice to Groups and other members on Redbubble: Images contained in this portfolio may be used on Redbubble groups only for the purposes described below. Any other use, off of Redbubble’s website is strictly forbidden. No external posting is allowed without a written email consent by the artist. No general group posting statement is accepted as a release of this copyright.

Acceptable Redbubble Group usages include Posting the picture as in challenges announcements, or in group forums on the Redbubble site is permitted. Other artists on Redbubble linking to the work for display on Redbubble’s web site only is permitted.

Any person posting this picture on another website (off of the Redbubble website) without a written email release agrees to to pay the artist a daily usage fee of $100,00/day for the time the picture is used, posted, pinned or linked to an external website.

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