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Everyone READ THIS!!!!!!!! NO More Broken Links in Bubblemails Advice!

So many of you are having trouble with LINKS in your bubble mail, that I thought I should let everyone know that the editor on redbubble does not recognize a smart quote “Sunrise” from a regular straight quote like this "

You’ll notice if you look close the smart quote has one quote upside down and they are more curved than straight quotes. You can overwrite a smart quote just by typing over it as smart quotes come from a word process program like MS Word.

If you copy something from the featured list realize that whoever is making that list is doing it in a word processor and it has smart quotes, so if you just copy and paste it into something you are trying to use as a link it will not work right.

Links need straight quotes which you can get just by typing over the smart quotes in the thing you copied.

so to refresh links are done like this:

straight quote", no spaces, the link words, no spaces, the end quote", no spaces, colon :, the http address (space at end) example:

*linkname *:http: //thelink address (note – replace * with straight quote!)


if you want to make a picture that you can click on to go to a link address you can do this by using the jpg address surounded by an exclaimation point, no spaces then the colon and link address example:

! the picture’s jpg address !:http://thelink address (no spaces between the ! and text)

It took me a while to figure out I couldn’t just cut and paste the link information from the featured list and have it work, you need to type over the smart quotes. I hope passing this on will help all of you with link problems understand why.

Hope that helps cut down the bubblemails with broken links!

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