Photoshop Work

Here is my recent portrait that I done of my wife. I will be going over the modifications that I did on it. The original was taken at a nature trail in the morning at 9 a.m. in shaded light. I used a fill flash that gave me some highlights.

The second image is the photoshoped Image in work. Look at the two images. The mole was removed by using the clone stamp. After using the clone stamp I used the smudge tool to smooth in the edges. I also used the adjust color for skin tone to get the white balance. I used the white of the eye as the source for skin-tone. Then I used the select tool to outline the Iris and lips. Then sharpened tool to get an accent on the eyes and lips. There were some freckles that I cloned out and some red blemishes on the chin that were removed. The clone stamp should be around the same size as the blemish to be removed.

The Final product was cropped one last time and pixel re-size for print size. The crop was to come closer to the subject and to put the eyes on the upper site line in the rule of thirds.

I hope this helps the newer photographers in the group that I promised a long time ago to give tips in photography. Rule of thirds discussion to come next.

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