Dashed Dreams

Its the milltary nationals just a easy 55 mile race. I ride the corse every week on my way to church. The top four get to race in the olympic trials. I work for weeks getting prepared for the race. The bicycle a cannondale 2.8 pound frame 19 pounds all together is freshly lubed and polished. The gears fine tuned like a porsh. I ride the route three times a week increasing my speed and endurance, I’m ready. The day of the race I’m on fire nothing can stop this dream. The strat gos well. I’m in the middle of the pack its ok. We are 4000 ft up and I ride this three time a week. The mountain starts and alot fall back. We going to 7535 feet up in three miles of road then turn around and smoke down the same road. We are back on the flat heading to the start/ finish line I have moved up to second. I’m in good condition I don’t need first I just need to be in the top four. Two miles left to the finish then it happens. As I watched the back wheel of the guy in front of me he twist sideways and falls. I only had time to cover my face with my left hand. I hit him speedometer stuck at 30 mph. The left hand hits first, then I flip flat on my back, finaly back to my feet. I don’t feel the pain yet I just got out of the road. I watch in disbelief as my dream past by in a rush of other bikes. I look down my left hand is disfigured my shoulder is mush and I can not breeth. I’m in trouble no panic I walk over to the medics working on the guy I hit and camly said I broke alot.

They had me lie back down on a board and strapped me in. At the hospital they told me that my shoulder was broken in three spots, my left hand was broken in 22 spots, and I broke all my ribs along my spine. So whats the bad news my helmet was cracked and they suspected I might have brain damage. Oh good this is going to get better. Because they suspected brain damage they were setting my busted hand with no pain killers. Remember the part I said I didn’t feel pain is because this is the pain I remember. Fire hot pain as my fingers thusted into springs and docters wrestle with my defeancless hand. After they were done and the first cast was on they told me everything was going well. I went to sleep after that.

Oh my ribs. Yes there still broken but they waited till the second day of my torcher to fix them. I woke up to not the good looking hot thing you see in the t.v. shows nope the female version of a sumo wrestler comes in and injects me with something that almost instantly tasted like metal in my mouth. I woke up on my stomac in pain. My back togeather fixed with swords sticking out they called them pins. Then they told me more grate news, I get to stay this way for the whole week oh boy! Hay did any one fix my sholder I can’t feel it. I found out why whie I was out from Miss Sumo they grafted it back togeather. I don’t know thats what they told me its my story anyway. The week goes by and I finaly transfered to rehab. Finally its the good looking nurse.

She a beautiful red head about the same age as me finaly some good luck. She starts touching my back and feet feels so good. Then this cold goop is dripped on my back and eletro-shock massage What! Every five second burst of 15,000 volts blast into my spine I cringe. I though this was supose to make things better. What ever happen to the nurse datting the battered guy were is the simpathy? It took nine months of cast, surgery, and rehab to mend from that day. What about the nurse ya I got the date but that is another story. Honestly

The U.S. Olympic commety gave me an honery uniform after hearing or seeing the wreck. A little salt in my many wounds but I still ware that shirt today the race was in 1992.

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